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China Eternal Copiers Technology Co., Ltd.

101101, Beijing, West of Liyuan Middle School, Liyuan Tongzhou Area
Тел. 8610-60521428/81515555
Факс 8610-60521178/81512020
E-Mail demi@chinaeternal.com
URL www.chinaeternal.com/cn/
Конт.лицо Dai Mei

China Eternal Copiers Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, the headquarters is located in greater Beijing area with the construction area of 260,000 square feet. Since 2003, CET has opened branches in Beijing Zhongguancun, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, and CET USA to meet increasing demand in the global market. CET plays a leading role in Office Animation industry to produce the OEM-standard performance compatible products, at the same time, continuously invests in new technology and new materials to produce new products that beyond the performance of OEM products.

CET established a product testing center and an environmental laboratory to improve the quality of products and decrease the defective rate. We believe the quality is the foundation for the company. Along with the rapidly growth and the increasing numbers of products, the testing center is gradually improving and expanding to verify products’ effectiveness and compatibility with a variety of models.

Now CET is going forward from compatible parts to compatible products. CET brand fuser, toner cartridge and other components has become very successful in the compatible global market. From junior staff to senior leadership, from R&D to production, from quality inspection to sales, CET has never stopped focusing on technological progress and technical staff training.

We believe market demand is the core, and innovation is the forerunner. China Eternal will continue to produce high quality products to adapt to market’s need, challenge new technologies and build a solid future.

ПРОДУКЦИЯ: copier and printer compatible spare parts and consumables

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