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S-43422, Kungsbacka, Energigatan 19
Тел. +36702840484, +79060893005
Факс 4630015890
E-Mail shurygin.andrey@releaseprint.com
URL www.scandi.se/
Конт.лицо Андрей Шурыгин

Scandi Gruppen AB is a world leading exporter of used photocopiers and printers.

Scandi Gruppen AB trades with markets all over the world, such as South America, South East Asia, the Far East, the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Scandi Gruppen AB offers a complete service concept for photocopiers, used spare parts, accessories and training. All machines are initially transported to our different locations, where they are subjected to a thorough inspection before getting distributed to the customer. More than 10 000 machines are held in stock at any one time, in very modern and streamlined storage facilities.

The company was founded by Tryggve Erlandsson in 1983. Today, Scandi Gruppen AB trades with more than 75 countries worldwide and exports approximately 50 000 copiers per year.


ПРОДУКЦИЯ: Восстановленная копировально-множительная техника

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