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Russian Federation
6, Novoyasenevsky prosp., Moscow, 117574
Phone 8-800-555-81-58, +7 (495) 721 31 42
Fax +7 (495) 424 52 11
E-Mail info@acline.ru
URL www.acline.ru

Acline is a distribution company, the supplier of intellectual solutions and modern technologies in the field of corporative printing and document workflow.
We are helping to introduce cost cutting and secure workflow systems into office space and realize full control over printing and spending. The introduction of such systems provides high level of safety and the reduction of printing costs.
Acline is one of the largest distributors of laser MFPs and printers produced by the Japanese corporation KyoceraDocumentSolutions and a range of Kyocera solutions for secure printing, workflow control, and network devices monitoring. Acline is also the official distributor of OKI MFPs and printers. It also distributes printing managing complex-systems MyQ and SafeQ, Evolis card-printers (for production of ID cards for managed print systems). We supply a broad range of consumables for office equipment.
Our most important resource is of course our team of professionals – managers, engineers, technical consultants. Our printing optimization projects were successfully implemented in companies of different scale and industries.
As a distribution company we provide our partners with a possibility of business-development supplying them with highmargin competitive products and solutions, we are providing them with comprehensive support (including training at our own education center).
We are ready to share our intellect. We strive to become a center of attraction to those entrepreneurs who want to build highly intellectual and high-margin business.


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