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No.6, Ping Xishi Rd, Nanping Industrial Park, Zhuhai City, China
Phone +86 756-8578688
E-Mail kim@haoyinbao.com
URL www.hyb-toner.com
Contact Person Kim Lee

HYB was established in 1998 in Zhuhai, China. With 20 years of development and accumulation, it has become the leading professional supplier of Copier consumables in the market. By focusing on the R&D, production and sales of copier consumables, HYB offers cost-saving and top quality products with stand-out-of the industry services to the customers who are looking for the alternatives to the Genuine toner. We have been supplying spare parts & copier consumables to more than 600 importers in 77 countries who are professional distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers of copier imaging supplies and machines.





Details: BUSINESS-INFORM Review (issie #30, 2021)


HYB Awarded as GLOBAL BRAND in RT Media Global Industry Awards Ceremony

2020 is a year makes difference for most of the people and events. Because of the COVID-19, peoples life and even the forms of communication, business are forced to be changed.

RT Remax World EXPO, one of the largest International Imaging Supplies EXPO has been held in a different way in 2020. This year, RT World EXPO has become a Local exhibition for Chinese domestic customers who came to visit Zhuhai. The EXPO is held in November 20thand 21st and it welcomes thousands of Chinese visitors who intend to visit 30 Booths.


In order to keep overseas buyers updated about the events, RT EXPO is also held online with LIVE and Broadcasting through the RT Media channels. This year, RT EXPO still remain holding their Global Industry Awards Ceremony with all their International Industrial professionals as judges to vote for different Awards. HYB TONER is honored to be awarded as GLOBAL BRAND 2020, which was voted by International Industrial professionals in the Global Industry Awards Ceremony. Mr. Vincent Chen, the owner of HYB gave a speech after the Award was received. 

Mr. Vincent said We are honored, especially after knowing the award was voted from International industrial professionals and selected among 1000+ nominations. HYB has been insisting in long-term investment and sustainabledevelopment in Research & Development, Standardization and Improvement of products in order to provide the customers with excellent Pre-sale, sale and after-sales service. HYB crew intend to be the professional and first choice for our customers. In the future, HYB will carry on the investment in technology innovation and quality optimization. HYB team members will make our contribution in the brand building and boost the rising of Chinese Copier Imaging supplies in the Global market.

HYB TONER has been the First Choice for more than 700 Importers in 77 countries with more than 38 distributors who are promoting products with its own registered trademarks such as HYB TONER , Zeus Toner (Supreme Quality) , ZIKOM. It is the only brand Copier Products that is awarded with GLOBAL BRAND in the RT Media Global Industry Awards Ceremony.


To know more about how to become a HYB distributor, please find below Contact Details:
No.6, Ping Xishi Rd, Nanping Industrial Park, Zhuhai City, China.
Tel: +86756-857-8633Whats App
+86 139 2690-6062
kim@haoyinbao.com (pictured)
Website:  www.hyb-toner.com
Social Media:


To witness the moment HYB won the Global Brand Award , please check below link on Youtube:




HYB Update Toner Testing in Their Labs

 China-based HaoYinBao Group (HYB) has set a new toner testing standard for both of its laboratories in Yuzhou, Henan and Zhuhai, Guangdong.

The HYB technical team adopted the new code to ensure consistency and quality will always be met with the companys expanding range of toners for copiers and laser printers. The code will also instruct HYB technicians to follow proper procedures, environment conditions and frequency to ensure the correct testing pattern in a variety of conditions is met.

The new measures are an essential part of the ongoing experience developed over a 22-year engagement in the production of copier supplies and spare parts, said Kim Lee (pictured below), HYBs international sales manager. HYB is never satisfied with following existing standards set by other aftermarket players.

Lee explained the distributors and their customer base are used to OEM products, The company has never stopped looking to improve its products and has always continued to optimize standardization in every aspect, Lee added.

HYB team claim they are confident with their most updated standard codes which are helping to propel them to take a leading position in the aftermarket copier product sector.


HYB owns two purpose-designed and built laboratories for the testing of copier imaging supplies and spare parts. The setting of high standards and their continuous improvement has always been the responsibility of the HYB technical department. Lee claimed both laboratories are performing this function well for HYB Quality Control, Research and Development.

There is an industry perception that the composition of copier toners is much simpler than laser toners, said Lee. So the illusion exists that it must be easier to produce copier toner cartridges. As a result, many manufacturers of laser toners have jumped into the copier industry expecting it to be profitable and easy with low engineering and technical know-how. Consequently, many have failed.


Lee stated that many aftermarket competitors couldnt provide consistently stable, quality products which have resulted in adding to the cost of service for both distributors as well as their end-user customers.

For this reason, manufacturers should take some responsibility, said Lee. They should be conducting performance testing to measure and compare their products against the OEM.

HYB claimed it is also not satisfied to simply offer workable cartridges but to also consider care for human health. HYB insists on using premium plastic granules that meet environmental standards and do not contain toxic levels of decaBDE or any other harmful chemicals. Lee quoted a recent LGA emission test of eight competitor products purchased through Amazon in Europe which all failed because of the harmful levels of chemical contents (including naphthalene and cobalt) in the toner. It is the reason why HYB insists on using qualified premium toners that passed LGA emission tests.

Contact Details:

AddressNo.6, Ping Xishi Rd, Nanping Industrial Park, Zhuhai City, China.     
Tel: +86756-857-8633Whats App
+86 139 2690-6062
kim@haoyinbao.com (pictured)

Website:  www.copiertonerpro.com


HYB opens Video Channels for introduction of their products

The COVID-19 pandemic required us to keep social distancing between people and traveling abroad to visit the customers become impossible in this period. To provide a convenience for their distributors and easy access for customers who have interest in knowing HYB Products, HYB prepared videos with introduction of selected products and publish in their Youtube, Instagram Channels (hybtoner).

The videos HYB produced was not made with a purpose to promote their products to the end users or increase attention to a celebrity. The customer base of HYB is mainly consist of distributors, importers who concentrate on products of copiers and have been supplying premium HYB products to the dealers who are used to O.E.M products. This is the reason why HYB Sales Professionals pay more attention to introduce how HYB technical team and QA professionals implement their own process, material control to reach consistency of different batches with their own standards.

The Videos also remind the distributors to review their loss in technical service and cost-per-copy by using poor quality After Market consumables made by unprofessional suppliers as many distributors actually faced problems and realized they should make a correct calculation about saving.

LATAM Sales Manager Omar Moreno, International Development Manager Andres Rubio together with the other HYB Sales Professionals have been busy preparing these videos, from which the customers will definitely tell the difference of HYB products and understand the mission HYB team bear.

The timely resume to production and NPD (New Product Development) enable HYB to release a series of new products which were approved by their Laboratory as well as our customers. The Ozone filter, new version of Service Vacuum, Ricoh Drum Units, Toner cartridges for Konica Minolta, Xerox, Canon etc. The video introduces more details rather than data and technical specification disclosed to the customers. It will be a way to make a better approach to customers who get used to receive lots of mail shots from different suppliers while few of them ever detailed them details and difference of products said Kim Lee, Sales Director of HYB.

To know the updates of HYB Group, please FOLLOW the HYB social Media Channels:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/haoyinbao-group/

Youtube: https://youtu.be/PuUQNm4JFhg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/copiertonerpro/


Instruction to avoid purchase of counterfeit hyb products in europe

A buyer of toners, parts and consumables in Warsaw, Poland has complained to HK HaoYinBao Group (HYB) about the quality of its toner products. The dealer claimed it bought the toners from a Chinese trading company, who allegedly said their products are made by HYB. After the communication with the customer, HYBs sales professionals immediately realized this trading company was using HYBs brand name to sell their own low-end and low-yielding toner.

Most importantly the fraud made by HYB compatible toner 006R01701, 006R01702, 006R01703, 006R01704 for Xerox Altalink C8030 damaged the developer unit of the customers and cause a bill with high expenses for the customer. HYB technical professionals have instructed the customer to solve their quality issue with minimized cost and the customer started to order directly from HYB from since May of 2020.

HYB legal consultant are investigating the clues and articles published from this trading company who announced incorrect product sources related to HYB and considering to take actions against their reputation damage behaviors.

Customers are only recommended to order from Authorized distributors in E.U. for HYB products or ordering directly from HYB Sales Professionals to avoid misleading information and faulty products.

The products distributed by E.U. distributors should come with HYB logo, holograms, batches numbers linked with HYB Quality System. Zeus Toner and HYB Toner are both the trademarks owned by HK HaoYinBao Group and any Parties who quote and use our brand names for marketing purpose should be authorized otherwise we reserve the right to accuse for legal responsibility with disclosures of companies that wrongly using our names.

HYB products has gained a great popularity among 150 importers in European Union and U.K. Any customers who are looking for immediate stock in E.U., please contact our distributors in Italy and Lithuania. To confirm other sales channels where you can get HYB products, please contact the Sales Professionals of HYB.





            HYB TONER manufacturer that carry official distribution of World Class Premium Toner

HYB Toner, the 22-year old company has been well known as the manufacturer of Toner cartridges and Spare Parts for Copiers and MFPs. This TÜV Rheinland and Bureau Veritas certified manufacturer has recently received another official appointment as distributor of toner formulas made by Japanese toner manufacturer Murata Chemicals. 


        The company disclosed their certificates which was just received in 2020.

        Nowadays, HYB already contracted with several leading Global manufacturers of toner such as HGOA(HanDan Toner), Murata Chemicals, Daiken Chemicals etc. HYB has become not just a reliable manufacturer for the customers but also a trustworthy partners for all the leading manufacturers of premium toner to supply their products. HYB has been helping Quality Oriented Importers for their A Grade Quality Brand and Production line as well as fulfillment of demand for Premium Toner. The HYB toner for use in Hewlett Packard Kyocera Mita, Konica Minolta, Canon, Xerox, Sharp, Ricoh, OKI, Toshiba, Panasonic, Olivetti, Utax has got a great satisfaction in Russian Market. 


 HYB Equipment Receives Positive Feedback

April 20, 2020 

Since October 2019, HYB copier machines refurbishment project attracted enquiries from their customers and visitors who had tour in HYB Production facilities. The HYB refurbished copier machines based on Xerox , Sharp , Konica Minolta equipment have been consolidated with their toner cartridges and spare parts and been delivered to some of their customers.

The customers in Southeast Asia who have been in the business of used machines were surprised by the quality and brand new condition with the machines they received.

HYB machines catalogue covers major popular models in Xerox such as Docucentre- IV3375, IV4475, DocuCentre -IV 4070, DocuCentre-IV C4475/5575, Color 550/560/570, Konica Minolta Bizhub 454e, Bizhub C364, Bizhub C554, Bizhub C654, Sharp MX-M283, MX-3140N, MX-5111N and other 14 machine models. 

HYB told RT Media that they offer tailor-made service to customers according to their local regulations with a premise of recycled, environmental friendly and quality machines. We assured that all machines are sorted and only the good conditioned copiers will remain for remanufacturing. Imaging unit and fuser unit will be original and be proven in as good condition as with rest of the brand new replaced parts. All of the machines have to go through thorough cleaning process and a painting treatment to remove crack/scratch as well as replaced with new parts of premium quality. All goods will be under 100% quality examination before shipping from the factory. 

To have a better understanding with the products, please consult with the HYB Sales professionals.

Contact Details:

Address:No.6, Ping Xishi Rd, Nanping Industrial Park, Zhuhai City, China.
Tel: +86756-857-8633
Whats App:+86 139 2690-6062


Details: https://www.rtmworld.com/news/hyb-equipment-receives-positive-feedback/



 HYB PROMOTION Campaign with Copier Waste Toner Containers 


As a manufacturer with capacity of injection molding and blowing molding, HYB developed and have been manufacturing empty cartridges, plastic accessories and waste toner container for Copiers and MFPs. The product range covers approximately 2700 SKUs.

The Company recently announced their PROMOTION Campaign for Copier Waste Toner Containers they produced and most of the products are available as immediate stock. The distributors will be able to get swift delivery from the factory once the P/O is concluded and supply to dealers right after the quarantine period finished. The plastic raw material HYB used for production of cartridges and waste toner containers are tested batch by batch to ensure to be safe without health-threatening contents. More and more countries published new regulations regarding "Excessive DecaBDE" and its important for manufacturer to have the concept and control with products to avoid violation of regulations. Each raw material HYB will process into their molding machines come with the batch report by 3rd Party with compound analysis.


Contact the HYB sales professionals for getting a list of items in campaign and available products to order. Products available are for use in Kyocera  Mita , Canon , Konica  Minolta , Xerox , Lexmark , Sharp , Toshiba , Samsung  etc. 

Details: https://www.copiertonerpro.com/category_news/Aimao1HYB-PROMOTION-Campaign-with-Copier-Waste-Toner-Containers.html




Details: BUSINESS-INFORM Review (issue #26, 2020)



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