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The virtual BUSINESS-INFORM 2018 Expo has started working

Virtual Expo web-address:

http://www.sforp.ru/BI2018eng/ (in ENG),

http://www.sforp.ru/BI2018/ (in RUS) .

            Virtual BUSINESS-INFORM 2018 Expo represents in the Internet all BUSINESS-INFORM companies-exhibitors, description of their products and news.

            Every BUSINESS-INFORM 2018 company-exhibitor has a personal virtual booth (personal webpage) where we place following information: name of the company, its address, website, phone/fax, a contact person with his e-mail, as well as the company description , its product range, news, catalogues, ads, photos.

            Every 3 month BUSINESS-INFORM can renew information on these booths (webpages)

            The virtual exhibitions are very popular in Russia.

            The total number of the virtual exhibition visitors increase substantially:

                                    Virtual EXPO 2016 16720 visitors

                                    Virtual EXPO 2017 22340 visitors.

            Who are the virtual booth visitors? They are leading experts and senior executives of Russian companies-resellers of printing equipment and supplies.

Visit booths of BUSINESS-INFORM 2018 on-line:

  • Click the mouse on the booth you are interested in. It changes the color for yellow
  • Keep your mouse cursor for a couple of seconds on that booth and the full name of the company it belongs to appears
  • Click left button on the booth and you'll jump to the VIRTUAL BOOTH of the company it belongs to.

19.06.2018|BUSINESS-INFORM REVIEW|Business-Inform
      CACTUS Has Launched the First in Russia Production of New-Built Laser Cartridges 

            CACTUS is a well-known company on the Russian market of printing consumables. The company supplies CACTUS branded cartridges, which are the most popular ones on the Russian market. Lately CACTUS has been securely leading on the Russian market of compatible consumables for printing devices in terms of sales values. 

            In May 2018, CACTUS opened the first in Russia production of new-built laser cartridges for office printing. The fact of production in Russia is testified by-1 certificate the only legal document in Russia, which can testify that the products listed in it are produced in Russia. Right now the production of CACTUS laser cartridges is certified for 15 models the most popular on the Russian market. The company plans to enlarge its production.




BUSINESS-INFORM 2018 International Exhibition Main Results

On 15-17 of May, in Moscow  at VDNH, Pavilion 75, BUSINESS-INFORM 2018  International Office Equipment, Supplies, and Parts Exhibition took place. The organizer of the expo was Russian Information Agency Business-Inform (Moscow). The exhibitors were 71 companies from Russia,China, USA, Japan,Germany, Turkey, HongKong, Lithuania. Among the exhibitors the biggest groups were companies from Russia (26) and China (38). The exhibition was visited by 2000 specialists. Besides the management of the Russian seller-companies (39% of visitors) the expo also attracted interest of the Russian buyer-companies (28% of visitors). The biggest part of the visitors came from the various Russian regions (69 cities and towns). The exhibition was also visited by guests from USA,Japan, China, Korea,Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Israel,Poland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,Turkmenistan, Tadzhikistan, Ukraine,Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan,Estonia and Lithuania.

Visitors were largely attracted by FOCUS on QUALITY International Conference, taking place 15 May simultaneously with the expo in the smaller conference hall of Pavilion 75 VDNH. During this Conference the representatives of leading companies from the industry of office printing, shared the views on current manufacturing and promotion problems for the world and the Russian markets, evaluated main market tendencies, shared their forecasts. Reports of Delacamp, IMEX, CET Group, Integral, IPM, VTT, RAMIS, Business-Inform experts, presented during the conference, were visited by 230 specialists. The majority of them got the opportunity not only to listen to the leading industry specialists, but do discuss the issues of interest with them.

On May 16 within the framework of BUSINESS-INFORM 2018 expo the 4th Conference named: Corporative procurements - 2018: from Buyers Expectations to Suppliers and Manufacturers Abilities, took place, organized by the Information Agency "Business-Inform" (Russia) and AEPP Association (the Association for Administrative-Economic Professionals of Russian Businesses and Organizations). During the Conference the leading office equipment and supplies companies (Delacamp, Integral, Ramis, Office Partner) specialists, as well as the experts in the field of organization and execution of tender procurements  Within the framework of the Conference the discussion on the real issues of office printing supplies corporative procurements took place. The conference was visited by more than 300 Russian and foreign specialists. Most of them were able not only to discuss with the leading specialists the issues of interest, but to exchange with colleagues their views on the modern problems and their solutions.

The BUSINESS-INFORM 2018 exhibition has been organized and performed for the seventh time already. Its organizer, the Information Agency Business Inform (Russia), provided for all the visitors and exhibitors free copies of new Printing Supplies catalog (issue 39, 2018) and BUSINESS-INFORM Review magazines (issues 18 and 19, 2018), with passwords to access the paid section of Business-Inform web-site (catalogs, printers, copiers, MFPs, printing supplies and their compatibility), as well as (for the first time) the opportunity to freely subscribe for PDF-versions of BUSINESS-INFORM Review 2018 magazines. The representatives of state companies and organizations have been able to subscribe for free for all Agencies 2018 publications on the organizers booth.

All the exhibitors also got presents: the Agencys news web-site - http://printnews.biz/en/ provided a possibility for exhibitors to publish and spread companys news for free, and BUSINESS-INFORM Review magazine (http://sforp.ru/birevieweng/) allowed them to publish articles and notes of companys specialists.

Both exhibitors and visitors showed interest in Russian supplies market leading companies award ceremony that took place on 16 of May in a conference-hall of Pavilion 75 VDNH. The leading Russian and International companies and 4 specialists from various parts of the world were awarded with FOCUS on QUALITY! prize (see the list below). Besides, according to the results of the voting, organized on the Business-Inform agencys web-site, 3 winner brands were awarded in the categories  Most Popular Brand  (CACTUS 1st place, Hi-Black, NV Print),  Highest-Quality Brand (G&G 1st place, 7Q, ProfiLine), Best Price-Quality Ratio Brand (ProfiLine 1st place, UNITON Premium, CACTUS). The Ceremony was finished with the awarding of the My Favorite City photo-contest winners. The Contest was sponsored by RM, ROSCO and RAMIS companies, whose representatives gave the prizes (modern inkjet MFPs) to the winners followed by the hail of applause form the spectators.

The notable event on the expo has been the 20th Anniversary of Hi-Black brand, celebrated by its owner, one of the leaders of the Russian market, VTT Company, on 16thof May. The participants and the visitors of the Expo wholeheartedly congratulated VTT with its HI-Black brand anniversary while wishing VTT staff further success in working on the Russian market.

Despite somewhat reduced number of visitors in comparison with 2016-2017 (2016-2017 saw around 2400 visiting the expo), the majority of exhibitor and visitors of BUSINESS-INFORM 2018 note that informational events (expos, conferences, seminars) are acquiring more and more importance in Russia. Only systematic provision of information by the leading industry representatives, open discussion of new products, tendencies, and problems will allow the Russian market to become up-to-date and quick-to-react to emergence of new and perspective technical and technological solutions on the world market. In the end, most exhibitors have already confirmed their participation in the next BUSINESS-INFORM 2019 International Office Equipment, Supplies, and Parts Exhibition (Moscow, VDNH, May , 2019).



BUSINESS-INFORM 2018 International Exhibition

Focus on Quality Award Recipients


Static Control Components (USA)

INTEGRAL GmbH (Germany)


IMEX (Japan)




APEX Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (China)

RETECH Technology International Ltd. (China)

MITO Color Imaging Co., Ltd. (China)

CHINAMATE Technology Co., Ltd. (China)

CET Group (China)



DaLZ (Russia)

RAMIS (Russia)



Imaging Solutions (Russia)

VTT (Russia)

BULAT (Russia)



Juan Carlos Bonell (Static Control, USA)

Volker Kappius (Delacamp, Germany)

Peter Knak (IMEX EU Trading)

David Gibbons (RT Media, China)



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