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(Issue #26, 2020)

In Preparation for Print

The Issue Contains:

* Russian Market News 

        2019 Results

      The growth of cheap low-quality cartridges sales continues;

      The alternative market has grown to the point of 3.8 mln. of cartridges (more than 800.000 remanufactured cartridges supplied);

      The large buyers start evaluating cartridge printing quality according to the LEM 2.01.19 method;

      The number of purchases via closed tenders grows.

            Russian REACH Starting from June 01, 2021

      Russian RoHS and REACH are already adopted;

      Russian RoHS is in force since March 01, 2018;

      Russian REACH will come into effect on June 01, 2021;

      What is allowed to be imported and sold?

      What is to be done with supplied toxic cartridges?

      Who has a right for disposal of toxic cartridges?


* Cartridge Evaluation

        The Best Russian and International Brands

      Brands Winners of the Prints Contest;

      Brands Winners of the Laser Cartridges Contest


* AQCMS The Competence, Consulting, and Training Centers Have Begun Their Work

      Within the framework of AQCMS there are following Expert Councils:

- on evaluating the products quality;

- on the issues of environmental safety;

- on the issues of informational security;

- on development of MPS-services;

- on the issues of remanufacturing industry (recycling);

      Within the AQCMS structure the following centers have begun their work:

- Competence Centre;

- Consulting Centre;

- Training Centre


* LEM CF226X Cartridges Testing:

        We Are Happy to Congratulate the Winners

        We are glad to congratulate the winners and nominees of the International OPEN QUALITY PRINTING CONTEST (2nd Stage Evaluation of CB226X (yield=9000 4 pages) printing quality:

            Winners - MSE, ProfiLine, HYB brands;

            Nominees - Dataproducts, freecolor, Turbon, G&G, Retech, Solnce, UniTon, 7Q, Tonex



        The Booking of Booths Continues

            The preparation for Office Equipment, Supplies and Parts International BUSINESS-INFORM 2020 Expo (Moscow, VDNH, June 03-05, 2020) continues.

Details here: http://sforp.ru/BI2020/floormap.htm


We Are Calling Advertisers!



Stage 3 The Evaluation of Remanufactured OEM Cartridge Printing Quality 

            February 17, 2020. - Moscow. The 3rd Stage of the International OPEN QUALITY PRINTING CONTEST has begun. During this Stage the printing quality testing of remanufactured (refilled) first-pass genuine cartridges HP CF283A is performed.

            Contest Organizer Information Agency Business-Inform

            Contest Co-Organizers AQCMS and Laboratory of Electrography.

            The evaluation will be performed in accordance with the Russian method of standardized testing LEM 2.01.19., certified in Russia (Registration # RU. 32155.040).

The Contest is held from February 17 to April 27, 2020.

Cartridges for the Contest are accepted until April 03 with the obligatory indication of the company participating, toner type used in refilling and its manufacturer.

The Winners and Nominees of the 3rd Stage of the Contest will be announced on April 27 and awarded on June 04 at the BUSINESS-INFORM 2020 Expo (Russia, Moscow, VDNH, pavilion #75, hall A).

The cost of participation in the 3rd Stage of the Contest is: 300 USD per cartridge.

According to the results of the expertise of each of LEM 2.01.19-tested remanufactured (refilled) OEM cartridges Nominees and Winners of the Third Stage will be decided, as well as types of toners, providing the quality refilling of OEM-cartridges.

After the end of the 3rd Stage of the Contest all participant-companies will receive the results of testing for cartridges presented as well as winner-results.
Should you have any questions related to participation in the Contest, feel free to ask Information Agency Business-Inform, mail: bizinform@list.ru, info@sforp.ru



BUSINESS-INFORM Declared the Winners of Open Quality Printing Contest

Moscow, January 22, 2020. Information Agency Business-Inform (Russia) declared the winning brands of Open Quality Printing Contest (Stage 2: Evaluation of Cartridge Printing Quality). The following brands are declared winners: MSE (Clover,USA), ProfiLine (RM Company, Russia),HYB (Zhuhai HaoYinBao Printing Consumables Co., Ltd., China).

The Second Stage of the Open Quality Printing Contest, dedicated to evaluation of the compatible cartridge printing quality was organized and performed by the Russian Information Agency Business-Inform during the period between October 20, 2019 and January 20, 2020. Accepted for participation were both remanufactured and new-build compatible cartridges CF226X (yield - 9000 pages). The evaluation of quality has been performed according to the Russian method of standardized testing LEM 2.01.19, certified in Russia (registration # RU. 32155.040) and recommended by AQCMS (The Association of Quality Cartridge Manufacturers and Suppliers) for performing comparative research on Russian territory.

34 brands took part in the Second Stage of the Contest. Each brand presented compatible cartridge CF226X for laser printing. Note, that besides cartridges presented to the Contest by their manufacturers and distributors, the Contest also saw cartridges presented by the Russian largest compatible-cartridges-buyer companies. After performing the expertise 12 nominee-brands have been chosen (criterion fact yield, optical densities and minimal general amount of defects in the set of printouts made by test cartridge). The nominees of the Second Stage were: MSE, Dataproducts, freecolor, Turbon, G&G, Retech, Solnce, HYB, ProfiLine, UniTon, 7Q, Tonex.

The additional expertise of printouts presented by the nominee-brands has allowed us to determine the winners of the Second Stage of Open Quality Printing Contest (criterion the number of printouts presented by a brand with zero defects detected). The winners have been: MSE (Clover, USA), ProfiLine (RM Company, Russia), HYB (Zhuhai HaoYinBao Printing Consumables Co., Ltd., China).

The organizers of the Second Stage of the International Open Quality Printing Contest are paying attention of the participants to the fact that it is the Russian method of testing LEM 2.01.19 has been certified in Russia and is being basic and the only legal method for certifying both remanufactured and/or new-build compatible laser cartridges for the quality mark of office printing LEM.

Also the organizers of the Contest are paying the attention of its participants to the fact that the third stage of the Contest (dedicated to the evaluation of the quality of toner for remanufacturing of OEM laser-cartridges) will begin on February the 1st, 2020.

Regarding the issues of participation in the Third Stage of Open Quality Printing Contest please contact the Russian Information Agency Business-Inform, e-mail: bizinform@list.ru (subject: Cartridge Contest), tel.+7 495 9886146.


 Do you want to develop your business in Russia ? 

Do you want to know the trends of the Russian market ? 

Do you want to know how Russian standards RoHS and REACH will change the Russian market in 2021-2022 ? 

You will get the answers to these questions if you take part in an international BUSINESS-INFORM 2020 Expo  

The main topics of the exhibition:  

- Office Equipment, 

- Supplies and Parts, 

- Print Outsourcing and MPS-Solutions, 

- Printing Quality  

- Recycling, Recharging, Remanufacturing.

The Organizers of the Expo are:

- Information Agency BUSINESS-INFORM


- RT Media

Details: http://www.sforp.ru/BI2020eng/floormap.htm 


12 Nominees for International Open Quality Printing Contest Have Been Chosen 

Moscow, January 15, 2020. The 2nd Stage of the International Open Quality Printing Contest is over. During this Stage the quality of compatible cartridges CF226X has been evaluated. The evaluation of compatible cartridges quality was performed using standardized testing method, LEM 2.01.19, developed by the Laboratory of Electrography.

The Organizer of the Contest is the Information Agency Business-Inform.

The Co-Organizer of the Contest is AQCMS (The Russian Association of Quality Cartridge Manufacturers and Suppliers) and Laboratory of Electrography.

The Contest accepted the remanufactured or new compatible cartridges of Russian and International brands.

The Contest has seen Russian and International companies participating in it, the companies presented total of 34 cartridge brands. According to the results of testing 12 best brands were chosen. The compatible cartridges CF226X, presented by those brands, showed high quality, allowing the organizers to declare all 12 brands the NOMINEES of the 2nd Stage of Open Quality Printing Contest. The list of nominee-brands is published below.

The detailed analysis of nominee-brands cartridges allowed choosing the Winners of the 2nd Stage of Open Quality Printing Contest. The winner-brands will be revealed on 22th January 2020. The nominees and winners will be awarded with diplomas and prizes.

Yulia Danilogorskaya, Managing Director 

Contacts: E-mail: bizinform@list.ru , info@sforp.ru

Nominees of the International Open Quality Printing Contest

(Stage 2. Evaluation of Cartridge Printing Quality)

-        MSE

-        Dataproducts

-        freecolor

-        Turbon

-        G&G

-        Retech

-        Solnce

-        HYB Toner

-        UNITON Premium

-        ProfiLine

-        7Q

-        TONEX


Competence, Consulting, and Educational Centers

Began to Work at AQCMS  

(Moscow, January 13, 2020) The members of the Russian based Association of Quality Cartridge Manufacturers and Suppliers (AQCMS) discussed the situation and the tendencies on the Russian market of office equipment supplies, the results of compatible cartridges quality tests  (new and remanufactured), as well as requests that were coming in from Russian state and large commercial organizations during September-December 2019.

The members of AQCMS made the decision of organizing Competence, Consulting, and Educational Centers within the framework of the Association.

The aim of the enters being organized is to professionally help Russian state and large commercial organizations in the issues of:

- evaluation of office printing products quality, MPS-services, environmental and data safety of document workflow systems, office printing devices and corresponding supplies (the Competence Center);

- choice of document workflow automatization systems suppliers, MPS-services, office printing devices and corresponding supplies (the Consulting Center);

- organizing of specialists training to acquire modern methods of evaluating the quality of office printing and consumables (the Educational Center).

About AQCMS: The AQCMS is a non-commercial corporate organization, registered at the Russian Ministry of Justice on June 01, 2017. The main vectors of the Associations activity include: advertising-exhibiting, consulting, editorial-publishing, law, research, and education. The AQCMS includes Experts Councils on the issues of Evaluating the Product Quality, Informational and Environmental Safety, MPS-Development, and Remanufacturing Industry (recycling).

E-mail: bizinform@list.ru


 On Sale! 

The Best Suppliers of Compatible Consumables Catalogue

(issue #2, 2019) went on sale! 

Publisher: Information Agency BUSINESS-INFORM 

In this issue: 

- World Leaders of Printing Industry

Companies: APEX Microelectronics, CLOVER Imaging Group, MITO Color, INTEGRAL GmbH, RETECH, HYB Toner, and other

- Best Russian Distributors

         Companies: Cactus, VTT, NV Print, Ramis, RM Company, Rosco, Bulat, Tonex, and other

- Best Compatible Brands of Printing Supplies

Brands: Cactus, G&G, MSE, Integral, Hi-Black, NV Print, Uniton, ProfiLine, Bulat, 7Q, Tonex, and other

- 700 Best Russian Resellers from 125 Russian Cities 

  Details: www.sforp.ru/en/  , E-mails: bizinform@list.ru



Business-Inform Review Magazine (issue #25, 2019),

News from the World of Office Printing and Supplies 


Information Agency Business-Inform web-site presents a new issue of the quarterly magazine, Business-Inform Review (issue #25, 2019). The magazine readers are the specialists of the office printing devices, supplies, and parts industry.

More than 40 articles have been published in the magazines main sections: Russian Market News, Marketing, Informational and Environmental Safety, Office Equipment and Printing Technology, Printing Supplies and Aftermarket, Expos and Conferences.

In the Russian Market News sectionone can find a number of articles by Roman Samoilov (Office Assistant) The Creation of Office Assistant Company is an Ambitious and Interesting Task, that We Are to Complete, RM Company  ProfiLine: Whats Behind the Brand Name?, Tatyana Brazhnikova (CUHDO Ltd.) UNITON ECO-Protected a Step towards the Civilized Market.

In the Marketing section one can find a number of articles by Christine Dunne Are Printers Easier to Use in 2019?, Mark Dawson Acceleration of MPS and Cloud -Impacting Transactional Sales, Natalia Zhou The Rise of Ink Tank Printers and Ian Elliott The Independent Resellers Lot.

In the Informational and Environmental Safety section one can find a number of articles by Natalia Zhou Americans Reflect on Chinese Printer Security Issues, George Simonian Security Printing, Lynton Burchette Cartridge Chips and Printer Firmware The Backbone of Our Aftermarket, Tricia Judge Firmware Threat Grows More Bold and Vicious, Bart Barcewicz  What Every Business Should Be Doing to Protect their Data from the Printer Gateway, as well as a summary of the articlesPrint Security Breaches Happen More Often than You Think and Common Manufacturing IT Threats and How to Defend Your Environment by  www.tektonikamag.com.

In the Office Equipment and Printing Technology section  one can find a number of articles by Dave Roos 7 Ways the Printing Press Changed the World, Graham Galliford Why Most OEMs Are Japanese?, Greg Hrinya Memjet Launches DuraFlex Technology, Tequila Yan Making It Easy to Be an OEM Distributor: Pantum Releases Its Innovative Printer Business Model, as well as a range of articles dedicated to new products on the Russian market of office printing. The technical and functional aspects of new printers/MFPs from Canon, Epson, Konica Minolta, Xerox are being reviewed in detail.

In the Printing Supplies and Aftermarket section one can find a number of articles by Masato Emori  Japanese Remanufacturers Survive and Thrive, Seth Porges Inside The Secretive World Of Counterfeit Printer Ink-And The Raids Used To Fight Back, Steve Weedon What in the World Is Going on!, Natalia Zhou   Breaking Technology Barriers and Breaking Monopoliesa Chip Leaders Story, Merritt Blakeslee The Trump Tariffs on Imaging Consumables, as well as Ray Stasieczko That's a Lot of Toner For a Market in Decline. In this section you can also find a number of notes on the news of the Global supplies market.

In the Expos and Conferences section one can find a number of articles by Stanislav Malinskiy (Business-Inform) The Russian Method of Evaluating Quality of Office Printing LEM Has Been Presented on RemaxWorld Summit 2019 and BUSINESS-INFORM on RemaxWorld Expo 2019, as well as articles BUSINESS-INFORM Declared the Winners of Open Quality Printing Contest and BUSINESS-INFORM Announces the Beginning of the Second Stage of the Open Quality Printing Contest.


Especially for international specialists, several articles dedicated to the Russian and International markets have been presented in English (see English Pages section).

The digital version of the magazine can be found on Business-Inform agencys web-site.


The printed version can be ordered starting from 20st of December, in Business-Inform distribution department (www.sforp.ru, email: bizinform@list.ru, tel. +7 495 988-6146, Moscow, Barabanniy Lane, 4 (building 6)), Moscow specialists can purchase the magazine in RMS company shop (www.ramis.ru, +7 495 542-5098, Moscow, Medoviy lane, 4 (building 5)).

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