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            Information Agency «Business-Inform» has stopped acceptance of the test printing samples made by modern cartridges for the first stage of the International "Open Quality Print Contest".  
            37 Russian and Foreign brands provided their printing samples for evaluation. By August-September the specialists of Laboratory of Electrography Ltd. will finish their quality evaluation using Russian Standardized Test Method LEM 1.01.19. The Winners in the nomination for "The highest quality printing sample" will be announced in the end of September. 

            The Winners and Nominees of the first contest stage will be invited to participate in the second one where cartridges' quality evaluation will be done in accordance with the Russian Standardized Test Method LEM 2.01.19.

            The Winners and Nominees of the first contest stage will be awarded at the RemaxWorld 2019 Expo in the framework of the workshop: How the First Russian Standardized Test Method (LEM) will Impact Printing Supplies in the Russian Market. (Zhuhai, 18 October, 16 pm).



Supplies for Printing Machines Catalogue 

(Issue 42, 2019)

 Is in Preparation for Printing 

In the Issue:

- Genuine Supplies for Printers/Copiers/MFPs (for all OEMs!)

- Compatible Cartridges for Printers/Copiers/MFPs

- Color and Black Toners

 - Drums

- Chips 

Circulation: 40000 print copies

Special Offer!

Only in August 2019,  30% discounts on advertising in the Issue.

       For more information, please, contact: 

      Yulia Danilogorskaya, email: bizinform@list.ru


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