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         Business-Inform 2019 EXPO: Booth Sales Have Started 1 August 2018!

The 8th Anniversary Office Equipment, Supplies, and Parts International Exhibition will be held in Moscow, May 14-16, 2019 (VDNH, pavilion #75). The Exhibition is for office printing professionals only. The entrance is for free via invitation. The participants – the leading Russian and International companies – are manufacturers and suppliers of office printing devices and corresponding supplies. The visitors – the Russian and International specialists – are sellers and corporative buyers of printers, copiers, MFPs, supplies and parts; also they are the specialists in the fields of documentation workflow optimization and printing outsourcing.

Within the framework of the Expo the following Conferences will be held:

- Focus on Quality! (May 14),

- The Supplier and the Corporative Buyer, the Dialog Continues! (May 15)

Information Agency “Business-Inform” will keep the tradition of giving professional presents to all exhibition and conferences visitors. That is why every visitor will be presented for free by expo organizers with a new Printing Supplies catalogues (issue 40, 2018 and 41, 2019), BUSINESS-INFORM Review magazines (issues 20 and 21, 2018, issues 22 and 23, 2019), half-year passwords to the pay-sections of Information Agency “Business-Inform” web-site (http://sforp.ru). The organizers haven’t forgotten about the participants as well. On May 15 the Award Ceremony for Russian and International companies will be held! June 2019 will see the work of BUSINESS-INFORM 2019 Virtual Exhibition; its participants will continue to demonstrate their products and offers to the visitors on virtual booths. The Organizer’s news web-site – http://printnews.biz/en/– on which all the participants of BUSINESS-INFORM 2019 can timely publish their news and offers will continue as well! And all that absolutely for free!

 Our aim is to help our customers to get through a lot of information to make right decision choosing reliable partners for long fruitful cooperation.

Let’s Work Together to Win Together! Don't miss the possibility to join our event!

Business-Inform 2019 Expo Website and Updated Expo Floor Plan:  http://www.sforp.ru/BI2019eng/floormap.htm

For more information you can contact us: bizinform@list.ru 

23.07.2018|BUSINESS-INFORM REVIEW|Business-Inform


Information Agency “Business-Inform” is Finalizing the Preparation

 for Releasing the Next Issue of "BUSINESS-INFORM Review"Magazine (issue 20, 2018).

The Magazine is dedicated to the modern office printing equipment and its usage.

The main magazine’s sections are:

- Leaders of the Russian and International Office Printing Market;

- Marketing;

- Printing Outsourcing;

- Patents and Intellectual Property;

- Office Equipment and Printing Technology;

- Printing Supplies;

- Expos and Conferences.

The proposed print-run –
20000 print copies + 7000PDF-copies.

The deadline for advertising presenting – August 04

We invite companies engaged in the office printing and printing supplies industry

to place their company and product advertising in “BUSINESS-INFORM Review” (issue 20, 2018).

Discounts on the price of advertising are valid for the period July 23-August 04

Regarding the issues of advertising placement, feel free to contact:

e-mail: bizinform@list.ru, tel. 8 495 9886146



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