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05.04.2024|BUSINESS-INFORM REVIEW|Business-Inform

BUSINESS-INFORM Review Magazine (Issue #42, 2024), 

News from the World of Office Printing and Supplies   

Information Agency Business-Inform presents a new issue of the quarterly magazine, BUSINESS-INFORM Review (issue #42, 2024). The magazine readers are the specialists in the field of the office printing devices, supplies, and parts.

More than 30 articles have been published in the magazines main sections: Russian Market News, Global Industry Leaders, Print Outsourcing, Marketing, Information Security and Environmental Safety, Office Equipment and Printing Technology, Consumables and Aftermarket.

In the Russian Market News section we have placed article by Boris Zhelenkov (Russian University of Transport) We Prepare the Specialists in the Field of Information Security, as well as AQCMS press-releases  Office Printing-2024: the Issues of Cyber Security, New Printing Devices on the Russian MarketRemanufacturing of Toner Cartridges New Trends, Solutions and Suppliers-2024; and introduced the info on the solutions by UNITON Service (Moscow) for remanufacturing AVISION printing device cartridges.    

In the Global Industry Leaders section we have placed the following articles: HYB Celebrates Its Achievements During the Annual 2024 Conference, Progeasy 3.0: New Smart Wireless Reset Device and CET Stresses Innovation of Imaging Industry, as well as a piece named Chinas Dinglong to Build USD113 Million IC Photoresist Factory to Reduce Reliance on Imports.

In the Marketing section we have placed articles The Future of Document Capture Will be AI-Driven, ChatGPT Recommends, Implementation of AI: Pro et Contra, The Future of Print Industry in 2024 and Beyond, Inside the Crisis at Alibaba: How Chinas Best-Known Tech Group Lost Its Way.  

In the Information Security and Environmental Safety section we have placed the articles by Stanislav Malinskiy Cyber-Threats and Cyber Security: Tendencies and Forecasts, Volker Kappius Third Party Cartridges, Firmware Updates and Cyber Security, David Gibbons HP CEO Willing to Break Customer Printers Over 3rd-Party Supplies.

In the Office Equipment and Printing Technology section there are a number of articles published on the new printing devices from Canon, Epson, Kyocera, Ricoh and Xerox brands.

    In the Consumables and Aftermarket section we have placed the articles by David Gibbons US Remanufacturers Urged to Lobby for Right to Repair, Steve Weedon Navigating Printer Consumables: Patent Ethics and Sheer Apathy.  

Especially for international specialists, several articles dedicated to the Russian and International markets have been presented in English (see English Pages section). 

The printed version can be ordered starting from the 29th of March, at the Business-Inform distribution department (www.sforp.ru, email: bizinform@list.ru, tel. +7 495 988-6146, Moscow, Barabanniy Lane, 4 (building 6)), Moscow specialists can purchase the magazine in RMS company shop (https://ramis.ru/, +7 495 542-5098, Moscow, Medoviy lane, 4 (building 5)).



The Supplies for Printing Machines Database Internet Version Update

Moscow, February the 5th, 2024. The The Supplies for Printing Machines Database Internet Version Update has been updated; the database is presented on the Information Agency Business-Inform web-site in Our Products/Reference section.

The descriptions of new printer/MFPs models of Brother, Canon, Deli, HP  brands and corresponding OEM supplies have been uploaded. Considerably enlarged were the sections dedicated to compatible supplies of G&G, Print-Rite, Static Control, UNITON Premium,  brands.

As of February the 5th, 2024, there are 21943 descriptions in the The Supplies for Printing Machines database of printing devices and supplies (cartridges, toners, developers, ink-bottles etc.), including:

        7651 printing devices,

        10185 OEM supplies,

        4107 compatible supplies.

The detailed description of the The Supplies for Printing Machines database version 1.2 and version 1.3 can be found on the Information Agency Business-Inform website in Our Products section.

As with all Information Agency Business-Inform information products, The Supplies for Printing Machines databases have both free and commercial circulation. Free installation of the The Supplies for Printing Machines database in large Russian organizations the Agencys business partners began in June 2006. As of February the 5th, 2024, the The Supplies for Printing Machines databases have been installed in more than 4200 public and large commercial enterprises.

Details: bizinform@list.ruinfo@sforp.ru

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