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Russian Market of Printing Supplies 2019 Cheap Products Continue to Dominate 

Information Agency Business-Inform (Russia) has finalized the cycle of research of the Russian Market of the Office Printing 2019. The acquired results within the segment of supplies for monochrome laser printing demonstrated that in 2019 the sales of new compatible cartridges and the market of remanufactured products continued growth (as they have been doing since 2014), and the sales of OEM cartridges stopped falling and even showed small growth. However, this is not surprising given the fact that the number of working office devices and the volumes of office printing in 2015-2019 were not de facto different from the numbers of 2014. The issue is that the financing of office printing supplies procurement continued to diminish. So the majority of Russian companies had to provide office printing with maximum cost-cutting by buying ever cheaper and ever less quality products. And as the low-quality products were not able to provide the required volumes of printing, more and more cheap consumables and refills were needed. Buy cheap, and as it is said, waste your money.

The results:

1. The share of Russian organizations using compatible consumables for office printing grew in 2013-2019 from 81% to 98%. At the same time the share of organizations focused on quality printing with compatible consumables went down from 34.6% (in 2013) to 11.6% (in 2019), and the share of organizations focused during procurement solely on price grew from 46.0% (in 2013) to 81.1% (in 2019).

2. In conditions of economic sanctions during 2015-2019 the growth of cheap compatible cartridges procurement provided with new compatible cartridges (of Chinese origin) the considerable share of the market, 22.1% (14.3 mln. units), and lack of money to buy OEM cartridges diminished their share on the Russian market down to 12.8% (8.3 mln. units). Considerably grew the share of remanufactured products, in must be noted that the share of remanufactured new-built compatible cartridges became quite noticeable and constituted 45.7% (19.2 mln. units). Also one must note the appearance on the Russian market of quality remanufactured -cartridges of from leading European and American manufacturers. And even if their share is not yet large on the Russian market the very fact of their emergence shows that the Global remanufacturing industry not only exists but is ready to demonstrate the advantages of their products (first of all the environmental friendliness, quality and effectiveness in MPS solutions) on the Russian market.

3. The Growth of cheap cartridges share on the Russian market is reflected in final numbers: in 2019 the market grew by 2.05% in units and fell by 2.1% in USD.


The detailed report on the Russian market-2019 will be published in the ImagingWorld Magazine, Russian Edition (issue 27, 2020).

16.03.2020|BUSINESS-INFORM REVIEW|Business-Inform

Business-Inform Review Magazine (issue #26, 2020),

News from the World of Office Printing and Supplies



Information Agency Business-Inform web-site displays a new issue of the quarterly magazine, Business-Inform Review (issue #26, 2020). The magazine readers are the specialists of the office printing devices, supplies, and parts industry.

         More than 30 articles have been published in the magazines main sections: Global Industry Leaders, Russian Market News, Marketing, Printing Outsourcing, Informational and Environmental Safety, Office Equipment and Printing Technology, Printing Supplies and Aftermarket.

         In the Global Industry Leaders section one can find a number of interviews by Scott Odom (Clover Imaging Group) Environmental Friendliness Has Always Been Our Focus, Jan Hagemann (INTEGRAL GmbH) Our Products Are Fully Compliant with REACH and RoHS, Volker Kappius (Delacamp AG) Environmental Consciousness of Society Is Growing, Javier Martinez (Turbon AG) Remanufactured Cartridges Are of Higher Quality than NBCs, Vincent Chen (HK HaoYinBao Group)  HYB Supplies Premium Toner-Cartridges and Bulk Toner, Christine Liu (Solnce Tech.)  Quality Cartridges Have Wonderful Perspectives.

         In the Russian Market News section one can find a number of articles by Anton Vetluzskih and Vladimir Balashov (RM Company) ProfiLine Has Become the Winner in Open Quality Printing Contest in its 20th Anniversary Year on the Market, Alexey Belikov (CUHDO Ltd.) We Expect that Chinese Manufacturers Will Be Able to Establish Environmental Friendly Production, Sergey Danilov (ROSCO Company) G&G Always Supplies Quality Cartridges Only.

         In the Marketing section one can find a number of articles by Ray Stasieczko The World of Print is Falling Victim to the Atmosphere around it, Michael Ecaruan Emerging Trends in the Printing Industry for the Year 2020, Louella Fernandes Print 2025: The IT and Office Worker Print and Digital Divide, as well as an article Printing Devices 2020 Main Tendencies.

         In the Printing Outsourcing section one can find a number of articles: What the Continuing Popularity of Remanufactured Toner Cartridges Means for Your MPS Program, 7 MPS Sales Strategies for Vertical Markets, Managed Print Services Outlook.

         In the Informational and Environmental Safety section one can find a number of articles: by Louella Fernandes Five Ways the Print Industry Can Apply Circular Economy Principles, Neil Kell What Will Cyber Security Look Like in 2020?, as well as articles Predictions for Cyber Security in 2020, What You Need to Know about Global Environmental Standards & Regulations.

         In the Office Equipment and Printing Technology section one can find anarticle by Kathleen Wirth Epson Previews First Industrial Direct-to-Garment Printer, the review Office Printing Trends in the Digital Era, as well as a range of articles dedicated to new products on the Russian market of office printing. The technical and functional aspects of new printers/MFPs from Epson and Konica Minolta are being reviewed in detail.

         In the Printing Supplies and Aftermarket section one can find a number of articles: by Mark Dawson Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, Lois Ritarossi Inkjet Justification Cost & Benefits of Manufacturing, as well as an article Aftermarket Toner Cartridge Takedowns on the Rise.

         Especially for international specialists, several articles dedicated to the Russian and International markets have been presented in English (see English Pages section).

         The digital version of the magazine can be found on Business-Inform agencys web-site.

The printed version can be ordered starting from 27st of March, at the Business-Inform distribution department (www.sforp.ru, email: bizinform@list.ru, tel. +7 495 988-6146, Moscow, Barabanniy Lane, 4 (building 6)), Moscow specialists can purchase the magazine in RMS company shop (www.ramis.ru, +7 495 542-5098, Moscow, Medoviy lane, 4 (building 5)).


Dear exhibitors, partners, visitors and friends who are interested in or somehow connected with BUSINESS-INFORM 2020 Expo.

Our preparations for the 9th BUSINESS-INFORM 2020 International Expo at Moscow VDNH Expo Center taking place June 03-05, 2020 have been proceeding as planned so far.

We continue our preparation for several new events that we plan to hold within the framework of our Expo. These are: two Conferences, namely Global Trends in the Printing Industry Focus on Quality (June 03), MPS Solutions Balance between Cost and Quality (June 04), Award Ceremony (June 04), Special Workshop with participation of European and Russian experts on the topic of "RoHS Requirements for Products and Sellers on the Russian Market of Printing Supplies" (for exhibitors and invited large Russian buyers of cartridges, invitees only).

We have taken into consideration the current epidemic situation and have been actively communicating with the relevant authorities. We understand the problems this years exhibitors may face. Therefore, the organizers of the Exhibition have decided that exhibitors who paid for their booths at the 2020 Expo, but were unable to attend due to the issues associated with coronavirus, will be given the opportunity to participate in the 2021 Exhibition at the same booths without additional payment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team. Regarding the latest news on BUSINESS-INFORM 2020 Expo, please follow the announcements on our official website http://sforp.ru/en/ , Email: bizinform@list.ru

Details: http://sforp.ru/BI2019eng/virtex/C4.htm

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 Cartridges, which are microchipped, must be RoHS compliant

 We understand that it is beneficial for Russian companies importing products that violate RoHS to disseminate information that RoHS requirements do not cover cartridges. And we understand that the statement that cartridges are not covered by RoHS requirements primarily reflects their methods of running business in Russia. But in the RoHS related documents there is a clear information about products which are specifically prohibited by RoHS, responsibility for the violation of RoHS (who will be fired) and who has to control the goods imported into the Russian market. And these are not customs authorities only.

    If you want to receive the originals of these documents before translation into Russian, please contact, for example, the ETIRA. We believe that Javier Martinez, President of ETIRA, will share with you all the documents on this topic and give an explanation if they are really interesting for you. The Ministry of Justice of Russia is unlikely to answer similar questions to representatives of commercial organizations.

     However, for all companies that are really interested in this issue, we recommend to have a look at the information published on the websites of leading European or American cartridge suppliers. For example, visit the Static Control or Katun websites.

What is RoHS?
            Its an abbreviation that stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances and it is a directive for the European Union that limits certain chemical substances from appearing in electrical equipment (including both toner and inkjet cartridges which are microchipped). 


Do Toner and Ink Cartridges fall under RoHS regulations?
            Yes, if it includes a chip. Since 2018, cartridges with a chip are considered as electrical and electronic equipment, they are included under the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations and fall under category 6 (electrical and electronic tools) of the RoHS Directive.



                        New Environmental Laws have begun to apply in Russia! 

Starting March 1, 2020, the import of IT equipment, printing devices and consumables (cartridges, toner, etc.) that violate RoHS requirements is NOT ALLOWED to Russia.

In 2021, additional bans will be introduced on the supply of products that violate REACH!

At the same time, only the results of the examination that was performed by organizations accredited to conduct such an examination in Russia and the EAEU countries will be recognized on the territory of Russia.

The situation on the Russian market of printing devices and supplies has changed. All suppliers and distributors will have to confirm the environmental friendliness of their products in Russian expert organizations.

The new situation on the Russian market provides additional opportunities for companies operating in Russia to increase their market share, and for new companies to successfully present their products on the Russian market.

The Russian market is waiting for new environmentally friendly products!

We invite suppliers of printing devices and consumables to participate in the international exhibition "BUSINESS-INFORM 2020" (Russia, Moscow, June 03-05, 2020)

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