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                                                                                                      5-th Anniversary BUSINESS-INFORM 2016 Expo

                                                                                                                                       Presents to All the Visitors

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The 5thAnniversary  BUSINESS-INFORM 2016   Expo will take place during May 24-26 in Moscow (VDNH, pavilion 69).

Main Exhibition Sections: Office Equipment, Printing Supplies and Parts.

ExhibitorsThe leading companies     from International and Russian markets (US, Japan, Europe, China, Korea and other countries).

The Organizer: Information Agency Business-Inform (Moscow).

Entrance to the Exhibition: For free via the Organizers Invitation. To receive the invitation it is enough to register on the Exhibitions web-site, by filling a small questionnaire  and indication your e-mail, to which the Invitation will be sent.

The Program of the Exhibition includes the demonstration of modern office equipment applications, printing supplies and parts, document workflow automatization and printing outsourcing solutions.

In parallel with the Expo in a small conference room of the pavilion 69, two international conferences will take place: Emphasis on Quality (May 24), The Supplier and the Corporative Buyer the Dialog Continues (May 25). 

This is anniversary Expo. And anniversary celebration is a place for presents. That is why 1000 first visitors will receive FOR FREE,

- The new Printing Supplies catalog (issue 35, 2016),

- BUSINESS-INFORM Magazines (issues 10 and 11, 2016),

- Passwords for an access to the pay-sections of Information Agency Business-Inform web-site (printer, copier, MFP, supplies and their compatibility catalogs).

The representatives of state organizations will be able to subscribe for FREE at organizers booth for ALL 2016 PUBLICATIONS of the Agency.

 We Welcome You!!!

25.03.2016|Business-Inform|Exhibitions|BUSINESS-INFORM REVIEW

 The Shift to Aftermarket Supplies in Russia: Why is it a threat? 

There is a unique situation taking place on the Russian market of the laser office printing supplies. The growth of compatible (non-OEM) supplies supplements in 2014-2015 led to reduction of OEM-cartridges share on the Russian market down to record-beating 16.4% (in pcs.), at the same time the share of the aftermarket products has grown up to 62.7%. The growth of new-built compatible cartridges supplements provided the 20.9% share for this segment, and the supplements of quality new compatible (Premium-class) cartridges that allow to perform remanufacturing (quite economically justified) made possible the creation and development of a new segment on the Russian market, the remanufactured new-built compatible cartridges.

It almost looks like that the situation on the Russian market is extremely favorable for suppliers and resellers of compatible supplies for laser printing equipment. The market is growing.Its dynamics are positive. However, more attentive analysis of the processes taking place on the Russian market shows that optimistic outlook visible today may change to a pessimistic one, and positive dynamics may change to negative quite quickly.

In2015 inspite of the overall growth of the Russian market of compatible supplies for laser printing by 8.6% (in pcs.) its volume in monetary terms has decreased by 19% (in USD). The enlargement of low-quality products share on the Russian market already by the end of 2015 led to the growing numbers of buyers considering the whole non-OEM products market (both new-built and aftermarket) as a market for low-quality products, which are better to be avoided (27% of buyers, 30% forecasted for 2016).

What will happen when the financial situation in Russia improve (2017-2018). The procurements of compatible supplies will decrease at least down to 22-24% of the market (in pcs,) and it will be very difficult for compatible supplies to restore its image among buyers.

So the traditional Russian questions arise: Who is to blame? and What do we have to do?

How to avoid the loss of dissatisfied customers? How to make the market more stable? Why even in the period of sanctions the volumes of sales (not the share of the market, but exactly the volumes in pcs.) of quality compatible supplies in Russiahavent decreased? What does educating customers give to the market and why this education is always for the benefit of the quality products manufacturers and quite not always for the benefit of Russian seller-companies? Why the advertising of seller-companies brands influence not the sales of the quality products, but the overall share of those companies sales in the segment of compatible supplies? Why the sales of compatible supplies through exclusive partners in Russian can serve as an effective base for manufacturers short-term strategies but, as a rule, are not effective for long-term selling strategies?  

The answers to those questions will be discussed in the report of Information Agency Business-Inform director, Malinskiy S. V., on  RT Imaging Summit & ExpoEurope 2016  (Barcelona, April 21-22, 2016, Hall 2, Fira Montjuïc Exhibition Centre).

We invite Russian and International specialists in the field of office printing to visit this event! We will be glad to see you at the presentation of the report The Shift to Aftermarket Supplies in Russia: Why is it a threat? (April 22), as well as at the booth of Information Agency Business-Inform B350 (April 21-22)!


     BUSINESS-INFORM 2016 EXPO Participants Registration Is Nearly Over  

Two weeks are left before the closure of BUSINESS-INFORM 2016 exhibitors registration! Be quick! You can still become an exhibitor of a professional expo for specialists in the printing field! 

The 5th anniversary international office equipment, supplies, and parts exhibition, BUSINESS-INFORM 2016 will be held in Moscow, Mai 24-26, 2016 (VDNH, pavilion 69). The exhibition is only for professionals in the field of office printing. The entrance is free upon showing the invitation, which can be received just by filling a small questionnaire on the web-site of the organizer Information Agency Business-Inform.

The shows exhibitors are the leading Russian and international companies, manufacturers and suppliers of office printing equipment and supplies. The visitors are Russian and international specialists the sellers and corporative buyers of printers, copiers, MFPs, supplies and parts, as well as specialists in the sphere of document workflow automatization and printing outsourcing.

Within the framework of the exhibition the following international conferences will be held:

- Focus on Quality! (May 24),

- The Supplier and the Corporative Buyer the Dialog Continues! (May 25)

- BUSINESS-INFORM 2016 (May 24-26) 

BUSINESS-INFORM international exhibition celebrates its first anniversary! The show is about to take place for the 5th time. And anniversary celebration is a place for presents. That is why every visitor will receive absolutely for free a new Printing Supplies catalog (issue 35, 2016), BUSINESS-INFORM Magazines (issues 10 and 11, 2016), a password for a half-year access to the pay-sections of Information Agency Business-Inform web-site (www.sforp.ru). The organizers havent forgotten the exhibitors as well. On May 24 (for the first time ever!) an award ceremony for Russian and international companies and specialists will take place! In June a virtual BUSINESS-INFORM 2016 expo will begin its work. On their virtual booths the exhibitors will continue presenting to the visitors their products and commercial offers. And in May a new web-site will become active www.printnews.biz where all exhibitors companies of BUSINESS-INFORM 2016 will be able to timely publish their news and offers! And all that absolutely for free!           

If you are a professional in the sphere of the office printing, if you want to present your products, your solutions in the field of printing workflow automatization or outsourcing, do not wait! You can still become the exhibitor of the 5th anniversary international office equipment, supplies, and parts exhibition, BUSINESS-INFORM 2016!

We will be glad to meet you! 

Should you have any questions regarding participation in BUSINESS-INFORM 2016 expo, feel free to contact Information Agency Business-Inform:

e-mail: bizinform@list.ru, info@sforp.ru , tel.: +7 495 988-6146

Yulia Danilogorskaya, Deputy Director


16.03.2016|Business-Inform|Exhibitions|BUSINESS-INFORM REVIEW

 How to Stop the Russian See-saw? 

The non-OEM cartridge market share in Russiais like the familiar see-saw you see in childrens playgrounds. However, the market share swing between high quality and low quality compatible cartridges is anything but child play, and could have a detrimental impact on market share. Take a look at what is happening:

      In the years 2010-2012 there was a rapid growth in the sales of cheap, new-built cartridges. The number of buyers grew. They lost interest in remanufactured cartridges. By 2012, Russian buyers focus on the price alone, that being the only advantage of the cheap, new-built cartridges.

      Between 2012-2014, there was a reduction in the procurement of cheap poor quality, new-built cartridges. The share of quality, remanufactured as well as quality, new-built cartridges grew.  As a result, the non-OEM cartridge market in Russia grew. It appeared a possibility that a new market segment was bornQuality, Compatible Cartridges Aftermarket.

      in the last 2 years, 2014-2015, we again saw a growth in demand for the cheap, new-built cartridges. With the local currency crash, the number of buyers grew for the cheaper product again and quality cartridges (both remanufactured and new-built) are rejected again ....

 In 2016, I expect to see a further growth in demand for the cheaper, poorer quality cartridges in the Russian market. Then, after that, the dynamics of 2012-2014 will be repeated.

 The Russian market is constantly in see-saw mode.

So, how do we put a stop to it? What can be done to prevent the inevitable downfall in the procurement of quality, compatible cartridges? Educating customers, changes in the Russian legislation, appearance of new players on the Russian market? 

In my view, it is a critical time to emphasise the importance of quality compatible cartridges to stabilize the growth of this market sector.

I am very much on top of the situation here in Russia and I invite you to discuss these questions during  RT Imaging SummitEurope 2016 (Spain,Barcelona, 21-22 April) and   Business-Inform 2016 (Russia, Moscow, 24-26 May). See you there!


Tendencies and Perspectives for Russian Market of Printing Supplies 

Information Agency Business-Inform (Moscow) has finished the research cycle of the Russian Market of Printing Supplies for 2015. The results showed that on the whole the sales volumes of Printing Supplies in monetary terms (in USD) has been reduced by 19%, but has grown in unit terms by 8.6%, and if -cartridges segment saw a decline (-18%), then the new-built compatibles segment saw +32% growth. The average price of laser cartridge on the Russian market has dropped by 21% (in USD), and the share of -cartridges has dropped to the record level of 16.4%. At the same time the share of aftermarket products grew up to 62.7%.

According to the specialists of Information Agency Business-Inform, the tendencies, which showed themselves on the Russian supplies market in 2015, will continue in 2016. Due to the lack of money Russian consumers will have to search for more economical solutions overlooking tomorrow perspectives. That is why in 2016 the growth of new-built compatible cartridges will continue (up to 10.9 mln. pcs. or 19% of the market), the remanufacturing aftermarket will also grow (up to 66% of the market).

The procurements of OEM supplies will fall down to 15% of the market, and the lack of OEM empties will drive the development of new-built refilling segment.

However such tendencies hold a hidden threat to Russian suppliers. The growth of cheap (and low-quality) products shipments on the Russian market will lead to deterioration of those products image as well as Russian average consumers opinion regarding these products. As a result, such opinion will extend to all compatible products within the larger part of Russian consumers (none of them will analyze and compare quality v. non-quality, remanufactured v. new-built). And when the financial situation in Russia will improve these consumers will return to buying OEM-products. Thus in the future (2017-2018) the whole industry of quality compatible solutions can be under threat.

The evaluations of monochrome laser-printing supplies sales volumes for the Russian market in 2015 are shown on the picture.


Laser Cartridge Ratings for Russian Market of Printing Supplies


Information Agency Business-Inform (Moscow) has finished the research cycle of the Laser Cartridge Ratings for Russian Market of Printing Supplies for 2015.

While evaluating the popularity of cartridges for black-and-white printing the Agencys specialists created two ratings, the first one in accordance with the share of cartridge procurement in pieces (consumption rating), the second one in accordance with the share of business, who have been buying the cartridges (corporative popularity rating). The results received during 2015 are shown in the table.

As can be seen from the data in the table, the leadership of HP cartridges on the Russian market is undisputable. From 25 most popular cartridges (according to procurement volumes) 11 belong to HP brand. The presence of Xerox (4), Samsung (3), Canon (5), and Kyocera (2) cartridges is also quite natural since those brands occupy positions from 2 to 5 by the volumes of shipments of cartridges for black-and-white printing on the Russian market. From 25 cartridges, leaders of corporative popularity rating, 12 belong to HP brand, 5 to Xerox brand, 2 to Samsung brand, 5 to Canon brand, 1 to Kyocera brand. The modest presence of Samsung and Kyocera cartridges in this rating is not surprising, since the high consumption rating for cartridges of those brands are largely defined by large shipments to the narrow circle of corporative clients.

Cartridges that do appear in the first rating but not in the second one are not sold frequently, but they are sold in large quantities. These are: Canon EP22, Canon 712, Canon 725, Kyocera TK-160, Kyocera TK-170, Samsung MLT-D203. On the opposite, cartridges that do appear in the second rating but not in the first are not sold often but in the small quantities. These are: Kyocera TK-1140, Samsung MLT-D101, Canon FX10, HP C4092.

Comparing ratings, one should note that only 19 from the most popular cartridges fall into both ratings. And it is those cartridges that are the most popular for 2015.

On the whole it is worth noting that there is a stable demand for the leading cartridges in 2015. Thus, when comparing the list of the most popular cartridge models for 2015 with the same for January-September 2015 and the first half of 2015, it is not difficult to see that this list has only two changes: according to 2015 results Canon 728 and HP CE255X cartridges have pushed out Kyocera TK-1140 and Samsung ML-D2850 cartridges (24th and 25thplaces in the ratings for the first half of 2015 and for January-September 2015) from the list of the most popular models! The leaders remained the same. Their share is 56-58% of consumer market (in units)!

The leading cartridges HP CE278, HP CE285, HP Q2612 still own more than 25% of the Russian market (in pcs.) (January-September 27.5%, first half of the year 25.3%). The next leading group HP CE505, HP CB436, HP CF280, HP Q5949, HP Q7553  firmly retain their 15% of the consumer market share (January-September 15.5%, first half of the year 16.0%). Thus 8 HP cartridges, leaders of the Russian market own more than 40% of the consumer market share (in pcs.).




The Quality of New-Built Compatible Cartridges in Russia


Information Agency Business-Inform (Moscow) has finished the research cycle of the New-Built Compatible Cartridges Quality in Russia Market for 2015. The results showed that the growth in demand for new-built cartridges on the Russian market is caused by quite objective reasons. The chief of them is the necessity for saving. In addition to it there is a new legislative requirement of only new non-remanufactured cartridges state procurements admissibility (in most cases). However, Russian buyer-companies find themselves in different conditions. Some have to put in bids and buy cartridges offered for minimal price, some have a possibility to choose between suppliers and cartridge brands judging by the product quality and supplier-company image, others have a possibility of making independent (alternative) cartridge-procurements. As a result, the quality of compatible cartridges used in Russian companies differs considerably, from very high (virtually indistinguishable from OEM) to quite low. Also the percentage of defects in various shipments differs considerably too. The quality analysis of new-built compatible cartridges supplied on the Russian market during 2013-2015 showed that:

a) The average quality of cartridges is gradually growing, which is explained by both growing Chinese manufacturing companies professionalism and growing scrupulousness of Russian buyers.

b) The biggest demand on the Russian market is either for cheap low quality cartridges (as a rule they are shipped according to the bidding results), or for more expensive cartridges with considerably higher quality (as a rule they are bought by commercial companies, who decided to refuse buying only OEM-cartridges, or by companies providing outsourcing services for VIP clients).

c) The growth of low quality cartridges procurements increased considerably in the second half of 2015.

The last of the tendencies needs a more detailed description. In the first half of the year the share of high (Premium) quality compatible cartridges procurements was much higher than in the second half. In the first half of 2015 the considerable part of Russian corporate buyers was in possession of funds to buy quality compatible products. And the procurements were made by both groups: buyers traditionally striving to provide quality office printing, and traditional OEM-cartridges users. In the second half of 2015 Russian corporate buyers had to strengthen the policy of economy: those traditionally buying compatible cartridges had to lower their requirements, and a large part of those traditionally using OEM-cartridges, who didnt use their chance earlier (in the first half of the year) to save and start buying high quality compatible cartridges, was forced to a quick transition to medium quality cartridges procurement. In addition to that the finance shortage that occurred with many state and commercial organizations became a reason of making bids on the cheapest compatible cartridges. 

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