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Information Agency Business-Inform

Starts Preparation for Publishing of

The Best Suppliers of Compatible Consumables

(Issue 3, 2020) Catalog 

The Catalog contains information regarding the leading office inkjet and laser (printer, copiers, and MFPs) compatible consumables supplier-companies.

It has the detailed contact info and the brands of supplied products. 

            The Catalog consists of two parts:

- World Leaders of Printing Industry

- Russian Company-Resellers (750 companies from 135 cities of Russia)

In the part "World Leaders of Printing Industry" we're planning to place ADS or ADS accompanied by INFO (A5 Color + A5 bw) about the Companies - World Leaders. 

            The Catalog will published with a print run of 10.000 copies; the major part of the print-run (5000 copies) will be distributed between the profile specialists of Russian state and large commercial organizations. 

            We invite companies active in the field of office equipment and supplies to place their advertising regarding their business and products in The Best Suppliers of Compatible Consumables (Issue 3, 2020) Catalog. 

Contact: bizinform@list.ruinfo@sforp.ru

Web -    http://www.sforp.ru/en/ 

Danilogorskaya Yulia,

managing director


16.09.2020|BUSINESS-INFORM REVIEW|Business-Inform

BUSINESS-INFORM Review Magazine (issue #29, 2020)

Is In Preparation for Print

Information Agency Business-Inform (Moscow) has started a preparation for print of BUSINESS-INFORM Review Magazine (issue #29, 2020). The magazine is aimed at the specialists of office printing devices, supplies and parts industry.

The main magazine sections are: Global Industry Leaders, Russian Market Leaders, AQCMS News, Marketing, Printing Outsourcing, Information Security and Environmental Safety, Office Equipment and Printing Technology, Printing Supplies and Aftermarket.

The topic of this issue is the Quality and Ecology within the Industry of Office Printing Supplies.

Information Agency Business-Inform invites manufacturers and suppliers of quality supplies to place their product-ads in BUSINESS-INFORM Review (issue #29, 2020).

The print-run is 20000 copies.

The digital version of BUSINESS-INFORM Review can be found on Information Agency Business-Inform web-site, http://sforp.ru/birevieweng/ .

The magazine will be on sale (distribution) in the beginning of December 2020. 

Regarding the issues of ads and information placement in the magazine, please contact us: E-mail  bizinform@list.ru

13.09.2020|BUSINESS-INFORM REVIEW|Business-Inform


Business-Inform Review Magazine (Issue #28, 2020),

News from the World of Office Printing and Supplies

Information Agency Business-Inform web-site displays a new issue of the quarterly magazine, Business-Inform Review (issue #28, 2020). The magazine readers are the specialists of the office printing devices, supplies, and parts industry.

More than 30 articles have been published in the magazines main sections: Global Industry Leaders, Russian Market Leaders, Standardization and Certification, Marketing, Information Security and Environmental Safety, Office Equipment and Printing Technology, Printing Supplies and Aftermarket, as well as in the new section, AQCMS News, dedicated to the activities of the Russian based Association of Quality Consumables Manufacturers and Suppliers (AQCMS).

In the Global Industry Leaders section presents articles by Peter Knak (IMEX EU Trading S.R.L.) Responding to New Requirements on Compliance, Jackie Zhang (Ninestar Image Tech. Limited) We See Great Perspectives for Our High Quality G&G Cartridges on the Russian Market, Jan Hagemann (Integral GmbH) You Should Never Blindly Trust the Words of Your Reseller, Celine Coleman (Clover Imaging Group EMEA) Do you know the real truth behind your suppliers recycling program?, interview with Paramjit Singh and Alan L. Kronstat (ITDL) ITDL Offers Cooperation To Russian Companies, as well as the press-release BUSINESS-INFORM Declares the Winners of Open Quality Printing Contest.

In the Russian Market Leaders section one can find a number of interviews:  Roman Samoilov (Office Assistant Company) The Distribution of MSE and G&G Brands Is a Logical Widening of Our Recent Range, Igor Loginov (Clever Bros.) Russian Market Expects High Quality Service Clever Bros. Shows the Way, Vyacheslav Teslenko (Uniton Service) It Is the Educated Consumer That Can Change the Situation in our Industry, Sergey Guz (ROTEK Technologies) Cartridges Dangerous for Users Health should not Enter Our Country.

In the AQCMS News section one can find the article by Stanislav Malinskiy (AQCMS) COVID-19 Pandemic Changes IT-Priorities, as well as a number of AQCMS press-releases: AQCMS Offers Collaboration to Russian Governmental Organizations and Commercial Companies, AQCMS Discusses the Office Printing Industry Issues with the Largest of Russian Consumables Buyers, AQCMS Recommends Modern MPS-Solutions for Public and Large Commercial Companies, AQCMS Presents Quality Cartridges, Toners and Parts.

The Standardization and Certification section presents articles by Graham Galliford Testing Cartridge Components and Meeting Standards, Kim Lee (HYB TONER) Using Standards to Market Products, George Nubar Simonian Printing Standards in the Arab World, as well as a number of information materials ISO and IEC International Standards, ASTM Standards, German National Standards.

In the Marketing section one can find the articles by Ray Stasieczko Thankfully My Doctor Wrote a Prescription Not My Obituary, Louella Fernandes  (Quocirca). COVID-19: Accelerating Print Industry Transformation, Christine Dunne (Keypoint Intelligence) Reducing Your Risk at the Printer.

In the Information Security and Environmental Safety section one can find the article by Louella Fernandes  (Quocirca) Zero trust in the remote working era, abstracts from articles published on  www.helpnetsecurity.com  Office printers: The ticking IT time bomb hiding in plain sight, and www.rtmworld.com ETIRA Demands Environment Action from the EU.

In the Office Equipment and Printing Technology section there is a cycle of articles dedicated to the new products on the Russian and International markets of office printing. There is a detailed review of technical and functional models of printers/MFPs from Casnon, Konica Minolta, and Sharp.

In the Printing Supplies and Aftermarket section there is an article by Michael Gell  Coronavirus Lockdown and Now a Printer Lockdown, as well as an article ETIRA Demands Environment Action from the EU (www.rtmworld.com).

Especially for international specialists, several articles dedicated to the Russian and International markets have been presented in English (see English Pages section).

The digital version of the magazine can be found on Business-Inform agencys web-site.

The printed version can be ordered starting from 28th of September, at the Business-Inform distribution department (www.sforp.ru, email: bizinform@list.ru, tel. +7 495 988-6146, Moscow, Barabanniy Lane, 4 (building 6)), Moscow specialists can purchase the magazine in RMS company shop (www.ramis.ru, +7 495 542-5098, Moscow, Medoviy lane, 4 (building 5)).


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