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16.01.2017|Business-Inform|Exhibitions|BUSINESS-INFORM REVIEW


New Special Offer for the exhibitors of Business-Inform 2017 Expo!

 (from 16 January 2017 to 28 February 2017) 


Get 35% off on your A4/2 ADV in Business-Inform Review # 14 (March 2017) and 
50% off on two  A4/2 ADVs  in Business-Inform Review #14 (March 2017) and #15 (May 2017)!

All visitors of Business-Inform 2017 will get these issues (#14 and #15) with your ADV for free! Get more visitors for your booth to get more customers! 

1/ Get 35% off on your A4/2 Adv in Business-Inform Review # 14
Standard Price on A4/2 ADV in Business-Inform Review # 14 = 1080 USD.
Special offer A4/2 ADV = 700 USD

 2/ 50% off on two  A4/2 ADVs  in Business-Inform Review #14 and #15
Standard Price on A4/2 ADV in Business-Inform Review #14 and #15 = 1080+1080 = 2160 USD.
Special offer A4/2 (issue #14) + A4/2 (issue #15) = 1080 USD


BUSINESS-INFORM Informational Project in Social Media

Information Agency "Business-Inform" (Moscow) continues building further its project of informational support for the Russian computer peripherals, office equipment, printing supplies and parts market in 2016-2017. Within the framework of the BUSINESS-INFORM Informational Project the following informational platforms in social media continue their work:

on VKontaktehttp://vk.com/sforp ,

on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/BusinessInform/,

on Twitter

https://twitter.com/BusinessInformR (in Russian), 

- https://twitter.com/business_inform (in English)

on Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/105255219082399566378/posts

on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7445409

According to the specialists of the Agency, active representation of the agency’s news and news of its partners as well as BUSINESS-INFORM 2017 International Exhibition participants in social media will allow: 

- To significantly broaden the distribution of news among the professionals of Russian and World computer peripherals, office equipment, printing supplies and parts markets.

- To organize news discussions on the professional level.

- To be able to consider wishes of the specialists – the potential visitors or participants of BUSINESS-INFORM 2017 International Exhibition – while setting up the exhibition.

- To be able to consider wishes of the specialists – the readers of BUSINESS-INFORM Review and BUSINESS-INFORM E-News Digest magazines, as well as printer, copier, MFP, printing supplies catalogues – while preparing new issues.

We invite all the specialists in computer peripherals, office equipment, printing supplies and parts area to read BUSINESS-INFORM Informational Project news on VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn  social media.


 BUSINESS-INFORM 2017:  50% of the floor-space has been booked already!

The booking of the booths for participation in BUSINESS-INFORM 2017 (Russia, Moscow, May 17-19, 2017) International Office Equipment, Supplies, and Parts Expo continues.

The majority of the Global office printing supplies industry leading companies, as well as the leading Russian distribution and reselling companies have already booked booths for BUSINESS-INFORM 2017 Expo participation.

This expo is well-known in Russia as a meeting point for leading consumables manufacturers/suppliers from USA, Europe, Japan, China and leading Russian reselling companies. It is this very Expo that is visited by the executives from the majority of the Russian consumables reselling companies in search of new product-suppliers and new profitable product-offers.

If you want to develop your business in Russia, it is absolutely required to take part in BUSINESS-INFORM 2017 Expo, since it is exactly the Expo that opens new possibly of business-developing before you!

However, you should not delay any longer!

The number of companies that want to participate in BUSINESS-INFORM 2017 is growing. Up to this date more than 50% of the floor-space has been already booked.

The official Expo web-site - http://sforp.ru/BI2017eng/

The floor-map - http://sforp.ru/BI2017eng/floormap.htm

Should you have any questions regarding participation in BUSINESS-INFORM 2017, feel free to ask

the official organizer of the Expo, Information Agency "Business-Inform" (Valeriya Sharova, bizinform@list.ru)

the official co-organizer of the Expo, RT Media (Penny Liu, penny.liu@rtmworld.com ). 

05.12.2016|Business-Inform|BUSINESS-INFORM REVIEW
 BUSINESS-INFORM Review:  Russian Office Printing Market News

 Information Agency “Business-Inform” (http://www.sforp.ru/) has prepared and released a new issue of BUSINESS-INFORM Review magazine (#13, 2016).

 The magazine contains news of the Global and the Russian office printing markets, up-to-date results of marketing researches, overviews of the 2016 autumn exhibitions and conferences. Special attention has been paid towards the expertise and achievements of the Global Int’l ITC association, as well as towards the results of the Russian supplies market researches for January-September 2016. In the Expos and Conferences section special reports from RemaxWorld  Expo&Summit 2016 have been published.

 Articles, overviews, and reports made by the Russian Information Agency “Business-Inform” and dedicated to the Russian printing equipment and supplies market, are published in Russian and English languages.

 The print-run is 20000 copies. The magazine is already available in Russia.

 The digital version of the magazine can be found on the Business-Inform Agency’s web-site:

 In Russian – http://www.sforp.ru/bireview/review2016n.htm

 In English – http://www.sforp.ru/birevieweng/review2016n.htm

 Regarding the placement of informational and advertising materials in BUSINESS-INFORM Review magazine, please, contact

the Information Agency “Business-Inform” (Valeriya Sharova, bizinform@list.ru) or

the official partner of Business-Inform in China, RecyclingTimes Media (Penny Liu, penny.liu@rtmworld.com).


Dear customers! Only in November!

Any company that books and makes full payment for an exhibition booth on Business-Inform 2017 EXPO (17-19 May, 2016 Moscow, Russia) will have 10% discount! 

Hurry up! 

For more information please, contact
Valeriya Sharova  bizinform@list.ru


Russian Market of Consumable Materials in 2015-2016: Changes and Prospects

Stanislav Malinskiy, General Director of Informational Agency "Business-Inform"(Russia)

On October 14 I made a report on the current trends and prospects of the Russian market of consumable materials which took place on the exhibition RemaxWorld 2016 Expo in Zhuhai (China). This article contains the main ideas of the report that was presented to the members of RemaxWorld 2016 Expo and the comments on it. 

1. The proportion of Russian organizations which use the compatible consumable materials has risen from 81% to 93% in 2013-2016. However, the proportion of organizations which target at the high quality printing with compatible consumables has decreased from 34,6% (in 2013) to 17,4% (in 2016) while the proportion of organizations which are guided only by the price with the purchase of consumables has increased from 46,0% (in 2013) to 75,7% (in 2016). 

2. Under conditions of economic crisis in 2015-2016 due to the growth of purchases of cheap compatible cartridges the proportion of compatible consumables became 20,3% (11,9 million pcs.) while the decline in purchases of OEM cartridges led to the reduction of their proportion to 15,3% (9,0 millions pcs.). The proportion of aftermarket (remanufactured) cartridges has considerably risen – to 64,4% (37,9 million pcs.), and it is remarkable that the proportion of remanufactured new-built compatible cartridges became quite significant and reached 23,3% (13,7 million pcs.).

3. The increase in the cheap cartridges percentage on the Russian market resulted in the totals: the market has risen by 5,7% in pieces and has decreased by 9,8% in USD.

4. The most part of compatible cartridges that were sold on the Russian market are the cartridges which quality rating is 0.4-0.55. Despite the fact that the average quality rating of the worst cartridges has increased from 0.34 in 2013 to 0.45 in 2016, the prevailing quality rating in 2016 is between 0.4 and 0.55 and that still shows the predominance of rather low quality cartridges. The proportion of high quality compatible cartridges with quality rating is from 0,67 to 0,72 appeared to be less considerable than in 2013-2015. This means only that the low quality cartridges supplies on the Russian market have increased (the volume of the deliveries of high quality compatible consumables has not decreased in 2016).


5. The growth in the sales of cheap low quality cartridges on the Russian market led to the fact that the reputation of the compatible consumables among Russian customers became considerably worse. The proportion of customers who stand assured of the low quality of non-original consumables, which was equal 21,7% in 2014, has reached its highest point at 35,4% in 2016. A considerable part of Russian customers who had to use the low quality cheap consumables in 2015-2016 intend to resume the procurement of OEM consumables if financial resources allow.

6. The importance of such factors as price, reputation of manufacturers, reputation of corporate sellers and the possibility of remanufacturing (refill) has considerably risen on the Russian consumables market in 2015-2016. Thus, customers try to avoid buying products from the unknown manufacturers and from the unknown sellers.

7. The main potential of the Russian market of high quality compatible consumables consists in the explanation to the major and medium-size organizational buyers of the benefits and the economical efficiency of using the high quality compatible materials. Considering the fact that in 2017-2018 in accordance with the federal law FZ №122 many managers of the organizational units which deal with the purchase of consumables will take an adjustment training according to the new professional standard, there is a distinct possibility to show the potential Russian customers the real advantages of the high quality compatible materials.


All figures presented in this article were obtained as a result of Business-Inform market investigations in 2010-2016 years. You can see the results of other Business-Inform market investigations on the company website (http://www.sforp.ru/en/)




Our New Offering!

Advertisement and a Report about Your Production in a Russian Magazine!

Be Quick! Only 3 Reports Are Available!

Experts from Business-Inform (Russia) offer RemaxWorld 2016 Expo  participants a
unique opportunity:

A visit to your company’s production site with the following publication of photo report + interview with the company’s head in BUSINESS-INFORM Review  (RT Magazine. Russian Edition) magazine in Russian and English languages. The placement of your full color ad in Business-Inform Review magazine will be a nice bonus to the photo-report!  


Only for 3 days (October 13, 14, 15) Business-Inform experts will be participating in RemaxWorld 2016 Expo (booth #5139). Only 3 reports can be prepared during this time.

So make haste!

The Price of the Offer:

2400 USD – A visit to your company’s production site, photo report, interview with the head of the company, publication in digital  BUSINESS-INFORM E-News Digest magazine (the audience – more than 15000 Russian specialists), publication in BUSINESS-INFORM Review (RT Magazine. Russian Edition) magazine in Russian language (“Global Industry Leaders” section),

2800 USD - A visit to your company’s production site, photo report, interview with the head of the company, publication in digital  BUSINESS-INFORM E-News Digest magazine (the audience – more than 15000 Russian specialists), publication in BUSINESS-INFORM Review (RT Magazine. Russian Edition) magazine in Russian and English languages (“Global Industry Leaders” section).


If you are interested in this offer you can contact us via e-mail: bizinform@list.ru  or on October 13 visit us on RemaxWorld Expo 2016 (booth #5139, 10.00-12.00).

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