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Patent wars on Russian laser printing market are now possible!

“BUSINESS-INFORM 2014” EXPOSpecialists from Information Agency “Business-Inform” have finished a series of research concerning Russian laser printing market. One of the research directions was an analysis of equipment manufacturers’ patents registered in Russia. The results showed that in  2013-2014  Canon – the main holder of patents on the market of laser printing – registered in Russia practically all its main patents related to laser cartridges (and not just only to Canon cartridges, but to HP cartridges as well, HP being the acknowledged Russian laser printing market leader).

These patents are: RU 2519854, RU 2519783, RU 2519516, RU 2518356, RU 2518339, RU 2518220, RU 2518169, RU 2518135, RU 2510068.

The registration of patents listed above is an important step in the war that OEM companies are currently fighting with those who infringe their IP rights in Russia. Now both Canon and HP have legal rights to make accountable those sellers if compatible cartridges, whose products violate patents, registered in Russia.

Patent wars on Russian market are now possible!

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