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New Perspectives for Compatible Supplies on the Russian Market

Information Agency “Business-Inform” has finished the research concerning the requirements of Russian businesses and organizations in office laser printing supplies in 2015. The achieved results allow forecasting that in 2015 the requirements in office laser printing will remain on the level of 2014 (in terms of A4 pages). However, the financing of supplies procurement will be reduced by 22-25% (in USD). To satisfy their requirements in office printing the majority of Russian businesses and organizations will have either to raise the share of compatible supplies in their procurements for 2015, or to divert themselves towards compatible supplies cheaper than those bought in 2014. Thus the companies, which usually have been using OEM-cartridges, are planning to allow the use of premium quality compatible cartridges (40% of total requirements). Companies, which usually have been using premium quality compatible cartridges, are planning to allow the use of lower class compatibles cartridges (up to 50-60% of total requirements). Companies using cheap compatible cartridges will be forced to buy even cheaper models of compatible cartridges. Companies engaged in printing outsourcing are also planning to use more compatible supplies.

This change of focus forced on Russian consumers in 2015 will provide a record growth of compatible cartridges segment for office printing, up to 10.3 mln pcs (+27% if compared with 2014).The Russian market of remanufactured cartridges will also grow considerably resulting in subsequent growth of toner, OPCs, chips and other components sales. Commenting on research results Agency’s General Director, Mr. Malinsky Stanislav noted, “The year 2015 will of course be the year of super possibilities for Russian sellers of compatible supplies. Note that this forecast applies not only to the companies selling newly-made compatibles, but also to the companies engaged in remanufacturing of laser cartridges. However, it is necessary to say that the growth of lower (compared with 2014) quality cartridges share will result in growing number of consumers dissatisfied with the quality of compatible products. This will be the main obstacle in development of compatible supplies market for office printing in 2016-2017”.

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