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March 02, 2015


Dear friends!

Information Agency "Business-Inform" continues preparing of International Expo of office equipment, supplies and parts "BUSINESS-INFORM 2015". It will be held on 19-21 May. Moscow, Russia.

At the moment our Exhibitors: Chinese companies (Retech, Mito, TopJet, Aicon, Printermayin, Polytoner), European companies (Delacamp, Integral), US-companies (Static Control, Katun) as well as the largest Russian companies ( Ramis, VTT, TEKO, Profiline, Chipcart )

We are glad to inform you that in the framework of the EXPO we are organizing two conferences. First one will be devoted to the cutting-edge problems and achievements of our industry, the leaders of the world market have confirmed their participation in the conference.

Second conference "Supplier and Corporate Customer: two opinions on supplies' purchasing. Trends, problems, myths, mistakes" As the customers' opinion is one of the most important factors in market developing, the aim of the conference is to discuss the urgent problems of office printing with the corporate Buyers.

Sponsors of this conference are the company Delacamp, Veneta and other.

Information Agency Business-Inform has begun registration of visitors for this conference.

In according to our forecast the year 2015 is the year of the great changes in Russian printing market especially for resellers and manufacturers of compatible supplies.

You have a chance to take your share of market in Russia.

New opportunities for further development !!!

Join us !

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BUSINESS-INFORM 2015 – We Invite You to Participate

Information Agency BUSINESS-INFORM continues to implement the informational project for the Russian market of computer peripherals, office equipment, 3D-Printing, printing supplies and parts in 2014-2015. Within the boundaries of BUSINESS-INFORM informational project in 2014-2015 the following…

…events will be organized:

  • BUSINESS-INFORM 2014 International Exhibition (May 20-22, 2014, Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Center, pavilion #69), BUSINESS-INFORM 2015 International Exhibition (May 19-21, 2015, Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Center, pavilion #69).
  • More than 50 educational seminars, presentations, forums for Russian state companies’ specialists and specialist from large commercial Russian companies, annually.

 …publications will be issued:

  • BUSINESS-INFORM REVIEW magazine (№4- April 2014, №5- September 2014, №6- February 2015, №7- May 2015, №8-September 2015, №9-December 2015).
  • Catalogues – Russian Printer Market (June 2014), Supplies for Printing Machines (March 2014, October 2014, March 2015, October 2015), Monochrome Laser Printers and MFPs (November 2014, November 2015), Full-Color Laser Printers and MFPs (December 2014, December 2015).
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What Do We Offer BUSINESS-INFORM 2015 Exhibitors

BUSINESS-INFORM 2015 Expo will be held in May (19-21) 2015 in Moscow (All-Russia Exhibition Center, pavilion #69). The event definition is – Office and Computer Equipment, 3D Printing, Supplies and Parts, Software and Modern-Office-Informational-Support International Exhibition.

We offer the exhibitors:

  1. A chance to exhibit your products at All-Russia Exhibition Center, well known both in Russia and abroad.
  2. An opportunity to show your products and perform negotiations with Russian office equipment, supplies, and software sellers’ representatives.
  3. An opportunity to show your products and perform negotiations with Russian office equipment, supplies, and software buyers’ representatives.
  4. A possibility to discuss computer and office equipment market problems and perspectives during open discussions.
  5. A chance to get exhibitors promotional, marketing, and informational support for their products on Russian and international markets.
  6. A discount for all promotional materials in “Business Inform” agency’s publications and useful gifts.
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BUSINESS-INFORM Informational Project in Social Media

Business-Inform Informational Agency (Moscow) continues building further its project of informational support for the Russian computer peripherals, office equipment, printing supplies and parts market in 2014-2015. Within the framework of the BUSINESS-INFORM Informational Project the following informational platforms in social media began their work: on VKontakte - http://vk.com/sforp, on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Business-Inform/408065295975392?hc_location=stream, and on Twitter - https://twitter.com/BusinessInformR (in Russian), https://twitter.com/business_inform (in English).

According to the specialists of the Agency, active representation of the agency’s news and news of its partners as well as BUSINESS-INFORM 2014 International Exhibition participants in social media will allow:

  1. To significantly broaden the distribution of news among the professionals of Russian and World computer peripherals, office equipment, printing supplies and parts markets.
  2. To organize news discussions on the professional level.
  3. To be able to consider wishes of the specialists – the potential visitors or participants of BUSINESS-INFORM 2015 International Exhibition – while setting up the exhibition.
  4. To be able to consider wishes of the specialists – the readers of BUSINESS-INFORM REVIEW and E-News Digest magazines, as well as printer, copier, MFP, printing supplies catalogues – while preparing new issues.

We invite all the specialists in computer peripherals, office equipment, printing supplies and parts area to read BUSINESS-INFORM Informational Project news on VKontakte, Facebook, and Twitter social media.

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Russian Suppliers News

New Perspectives for Compatible Supplies on the Russian Market

Information Agency “Business-Inform” has finished the research concerning the requirements of Russian businesses and organizations in office laser printing supplies in 2015. The achieved results allow forecasting that in 2015 the requirements in office laser printing will remain on the level of 2014 (in terms of A4 pages). However, the financing of supplies procurement will be reduced by 22-25% (in USD). To satisfy their requirements in office printing the majority of Russian businesses and organizations will have either to raise the share of compatible supplies in their procurements for 2015, or to divert themselves towards compatible supplies cheaper than those bought in 2014. Thus the companies, which usually have been using OEM-cartridges, are planning to allow the use of premium quality compatible cartridges (40% of total requirements). Companies, which usually have been using premium quality compatible cartridges, are planning to allow the use of lower class compatibles cartridges (up to 50-60% of total requirements). Companies using cheap compatible cartridges will be forced to buy even cheaper models of compatible cartridges. Companies engaged in printing outsourcing are also planning to use more compatible supplies.

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The Dynamics of Color Cartridge Procurements in Russia

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Most Popular Cartridges for Monochrome Laser Printers in 2014

Note 1: The Procurement Rating demonstrates the procurement share of cartridges for 2013 (in pcs.)

Note 2: The Rating of Cor porative Popularity demonstrates the share of Russian companies, buying the specified cartridge model in 2013

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