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The Best Russian Brands of Compatible Laser Cartridges

The Best Russian Brands of Compatible Laser Cartridges

According to the voting of 1000 Russian specialists in the field of the office printing, organized and held during April, 15 – May, 15, 2017 by Information Agency “Business-Inform” (Moscow), the following brands were named as the best:

Category Most Popular Brand     
1st place - CACTUS (CACTUS, Moscow)
2nd place - NV Print (NV Print, Moscow)
3rd place - Golden Print (Golden Print, Kazan)

Category Best Quality Brand
1st place - G&G (ROSCO, Moscow)
2nd place - Hi-Black (VTT, Moscow)
3rd place - 7Q (BULAT, Moscow)

Category Best Price-Quality Brand
1st place - UNITON Premium (RAMIS, Moscow)
2nd place - ProfiLine (RM Company, Moscow and ProfiLine,
3rd place - Colortek (Colortek, Saint-Petersburg)

The award ceremony for the winners together with giving away of prizes and diplomas was held on May 18, 2017 within the framework of BUSINESS-INFORM 2017 International office equipment, supplies, and parts exhibition.
We Congratulate Winner-Companies!

We Congratulate Winner-Companies!


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