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BUSINESS-INFORM 2015 – We Invite You to Participate


Information Agency BUSINESS-INFORM continues to implement the informational project for the Russian market of computer peripherals, office equipment, 3D-Printing, printing supplies and parts in 2014-2015. Within the boundaries of BUSINESS-INFORM informational project in 2014-2015 the following…

…events will be organized:

  • BUSINESS-INFORM 2014 International Exhibition (May 20-22, 2014, Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Center, pavilion #69), BUSINESS-INFORM 2015 International Exhibition (May 19-21, 2015, Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Center, pavilion #69).
  • More than 50 educational seminars, presentations, forums for Russian state companies’ specialists and specialist from large commercial Russian companies, annually.

…publications will be issued:

  • BUSINESS-INFORM REVIEW magazine (№4- April 2014, №5- September 2014, №6- February 2015, №7- May 2015, №8-September 2015, №9-December 2015).
  • Catalogues – Russian Printer Market (June 2014), Supplies for Printing Machines (March 2014, October 2014, March 2015, October 2015), Monochrome Laser Printers and MFPs (November 2014, November 2015), Full-Color Laser Printers and MFPs (December 2014, December 2015).

The agency continues to perform marketing research of the Russian market of computer peripherals, office equipment, 3D-Printing and printing supplies, as well as to perform scientific-research studies on evaluation of the quality of prints made on modern inkjet, laser, thermal-sublimation, and gel printing equipment using different types of printing supplies (original and compatible). Within the framework of BUSINESS-INFORM Informational Project the agency specialists weekly release and distribute press-releases with the general news from the agency and its partners – the participants of BUSINESS-INFORM exhibitions and conferences. Since February 2013 a new electronic E-News Digest magazines are being published and sent to more than 11000 Russian and 3000 International specialists from leading sales-companies (1 issues per month). It is there, where the results of marketing researches; new equipment overviews; reports from international events; and most interesting news of Russian and international computer peripherals office equipment, printing supplies and parts markets; presentations of BUSINESS-INFORM exhibitions and conferences participants are published by agency’s specialists.

The agency continues to develop web-resources of BUSINESS-INFORM Informational Project. The agency’s web-site (sforp.ru) includes – agency’s news (News section), most interesting results of the Russian printing equipment, supplies, and parts market research (Marketing section), on-line version of E-News Digest publications (E-News Digest section),  Supplies for Printing Machines and Russian Suppliers of Office Equipment and Supplies for Printing Machines Info-Search Systems (Reference section). Besides the aforementioned Internet resources, the agency annually collects the information about the exhibitors of BUSINESS-INFORM exhibitions and conferences and their products. This information is presented within the framework of BUSINESS-INFORM Virtual Exhibitions, which are presented on the agency web-site: http://sforp.ru/BI2014eng/ (BUSINESS-INFORM 2014 EXPO),  http://sforp.ru/BI2012eng/ (BUSINESS-INFORM 2012 EXPO), http://sforp.ru/BI2013eng/ (BUSINESS-INFORM 2013 EXPO). This collection of reference and marketing resources creates a foundation for knowledge-base on the agency’s web-site.

Although BUSINESS-INFORM Informational Project mainly targets the Russian market, the agency specialists are actively working on presenting of the project’s informational resources in English. It is important that the international participants of the project will have the possibility of mutual information exchange. This is precisely the reason why the virtual BUSINESS-INFORM exhibitions have not only Russian but English versions as well (http://sforp.ru/BI2012eng/ , http://sforp.ru/BI2013eng/ and http://sforp.ru/BI2014eng/ ). BUSINESS-INFORM REVIEW has articles printed both in English (http://sforp.ru/birevieweng/review2014d.htm ) and in Russian; PR-group of the agency publishes press-releases on English language press-sites. The agency’s specialists not only perform organizational work but also participate in Russian and international office equipment and printing supplies exhibitions. The participation of the agency in Russian and international events raises the publicity of BUSINESS-INFORM Informational Project.

The specialists of Informational Agency BUSINESS-INFORM encourage Russian and International suppliers of computer peripherals, office equipment, 3D-Printers, printing supplies, and parts to participate actively in BUSINESS-INFORM Informational Project’s implementation, and express hope that this collaboration will help to increase informational support of the Russian market. Should you have any questions feel free to contact Business-Inform Informational Agency. Tel.: +7 (495) 988-6146, e-mail  info@sforp.ru , bizinform@list.ru

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