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September 03, 2014

Business-Inform News

Business-Inform 2014 International Exhibition Is Over, Business-Inform 2014 Project Continues

On 20–22 of May, in the pavilion #69 of All-Russia Exhibition Center, the Office Equipment, Printing Supplies and Parts International Exhibition, Business-Inform 2014 took place. 74 companies from Russia, China, USA, Japan, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Malaysia, and Poland took part in the Exhibition.

The exhibition ended it work on 22nd of May, but the implementation of Business-Inform Informational Project continues. On the Business-Inform Agency web-site a virtual Business-Inform 2014 Exhibition (http://sforp.ru/BI2014eng/) has already started working. By clicking on any of the presented booths one can get onto the virtual booth of the exhibitor. Each virtual booth will have the contact information of the exhibitor, short description of the supplied products, photos made during the latest exhibition.

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BUSINESS-INFORM 2014 Virtual Exhibition Begins Its Work

On 9th of June 2014 BUSINESS-INFORM 2014 Virtual Exhibition began its work. The aim of the virtual exhibition is to present BUSINESS-INFORM 2014 International Exhibition Exhibitors, their products, solutions, ideas, news, and commercial offers.

Now by clicking on the image any of the presented booths shown of the floor map a visitor can get onto the virtual booth of the exhibitor, containing all necessary contact information, company’s products description, and the whole bundle of additional information sent by the exhibitor to the BUSINESS-INFROM Agency for placing on the virtual booth

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Print Outsourcing on BUSINESS-INFORM 2014 International Exhibition

On 20–22 of May, in the pavilion #69 of All-Russia Exhibition Center (Russia, Moscow), the Business-Inform 2014 EXPO took place. The visitors showed considerable interest in the Fourth International Conference, Business-Inform 2014, which was held simultaneously with the Exhibition in the conference hall of pavilion #69. The reports that attracted most interest from the specialists were dedicated to the Print Outsourcing and MPS-solutions. The reports of the first day were dedicated to those subjects. They contained most detailed reviews of the most actual questions of technical, technological and economical solutions during Print Outsourcing implementation in modern environment.

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Preparations for "BUSINESS-INFORM 2015" EXPO have already begun

BUSINESS-INFORM 2015 EXPO , International Exhibition of Office Equipment, Supplies and Parts, will be held on 19-21 May 2015 in Russia (Moscow, All- Russian Exhibition Center, pavilion #69).

Information Agency "Business-Inform" invites russian and foreign companies to take part in BUSINESS-INFORM 2015 EXPO.

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Patent wars on Russian laser printing market are now possible!

Specialists from Information Agency “Business-Inform” have finished a series of research concerning Russian laser printing market. One of the research directions was an analysis of equipment manufacturers’ patents registered in Russia. The results showed that in 2013-2014 Canon – the main holder of patents on the market of laser printing – registered in Russia practically all its main patents related to laser cartridges (and not just only to Canon cartridges, but to HP cartridges as well, HP being the acknowledged Russian laser printing market leader).

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International exhibition "BUSINESS-INFORM 2015"

International exhibition "BUSINESS-INFORM 2015" will be held in Moscow, May 19-21, 2015 in Pavilion 69 of All-Russia Exhibition Centre.

May 19 (Tuesday)       — 11:00-18:00

May 20 (Wednesday)  — 10:00-18:00

May 21 (Thursday)      — 10:00-15:00

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BUSINESS-INFORM 2015 – We Invite You to Participate

Information Agency BUSINESS-INFORM continues to implement the informational project for the Russian market of computer peripherals, office equipment, 3D-Printing, printing supplies and parts in 2014-2015. Within the boundaries of BUSINESS-INFORM informational project in 2014-2015 the following…

…events will be organized:

BUSINESS-INFORM 2014 International Exhibition (May 20-22, 2014, Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Center, pavilion #69), BUSINESS-INFORM 2015 International Exhibition (May 19-21, 2015, Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Center, pavilion #69).

  • More than 50 educational seminars, presentations, forums for Russian state companies’ specialists and specialist from large commercial Russian companies, annually.

 …publications will be issued:

  • BUSINESS-INFORM REVIEW magazine (№4- April 2014, №5- September 2014, №6- February 2015, №7- May 2015, №8-September 2015, №9-December 2015).
  • Catalogues – Russian Printer Market (June 2014), Supplies for Printing Machines (March 2014, October 2014, March 2015, October 2015), Monochrome Laser Printers and MFPs (November 2014, November 2015), Full-Color Laser Printers and MFPs (December 2014, December 2015).
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BUSINESS-INFORM Informational Project in Social Media

Business-Inform Informational Agency (Moscow) continues building further its project of informational support for the Russian computer peripherals, office equipment, printing supplies and parts market in 2014-2015. Within the framework of the BUSINESS-INFORM Informational Project the following informational platforms in social media began their work: on VKontakte - http://vk.com/sforp, on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Business-Inform/408065295975392?hc_location=stream, and on Twitter - https://twitter.com/BusinessInformR (in Russian), https://twitter.com/business_inform (in English).

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What Do We Offer BUSINESS-INFORM 2015 Exhibitors

BUSINESS-INFORM 2015 Expo will be held in May (19-21) 2015 in Moscow (All-Russia Exhibition Center, pavilion #69). The event definition is – Office and Computer Equipment, 3D Printing, Supplies and Parts, Software and Modern-Office-Informational-Support International Exhibition.

We offer the exhibitors:

  1. A chance to exhibit your products at All-Russia Exhibition Center, well known both in Russia and abroad.
  2. An opportunity to show your products and perform negotiations with Russian office equipment, supplies, and software sellers’ representatives.
  3. An opportunity to show your products and perform negotiations with Russian office equipment, supplies, and software buyers’ representatives.
  4. A possibility to discuss computer and office equipment market problems and perspectives during open discussions.
  5. A chance to get exhibitors promotional, marketing, and informational support for their products on Russian and international markets.
  6. A discount for all promotional materials in “Business Inform” agency’s publications and useful gifts.
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Standard Equipment on the Booth

Standard Equipment on the Booth:

  • 4-6 sq.m.
  • 8-9 sq.m.
  • 10-12 sq.m.
  • 10-18 sq.m.
  • 20-25 sq.m.
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Russian Suppliers News

Most Popular Cartridges for Monochrome Laser Printers for January-June 2014 in Russia

The Procurement Rating demonstrates the procurement share of cartridges for January-June 2014 (in pcs.)

The Rating of Corporative Popularity demonstrates the share of Russian companies, buying the specified cartridge model for January-June 2014

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Rating of Laser Cartridges in Russian State Organizations in January-June 2014

Information Agency «BUSINESS-INFORM» has finished making and filling of Electronic Tables (ET) developed to collect data about state procurements of printing devices and supplies in January-June 2014. In the supplies section of ET for every closed deal there are seller and buyer registered, their contacts, the date of deal summation, sum of purchase, its basic components (the number of supplied cartridges from the list of 200 items for monochrome printing and the same from the list of 50 sets for laser-printing). Filling the tables with the ET information about state purchases for in January-June 2014 allowed not only to evaluate the corresponding segment of Russian supplies market for laser-printing, but also to receive the evaluation of demand for each of 200 listed cartridges for monochrome printing and each of 50 cartridge sets for color printing from the point of view of the state organizations.

It is notable that the Electronic Tables register the procurements of the supplies disregarding the “originality” and origin of the latter, because the volumes of purchasing are estimated only by the documentation for every closed deal. Specially developed search procedures allow executing the vast amount of research for State Sector in the segment of the Russian market of supplies for laser printing. For instance, they allow specialists to evaluate the shares of the world leading brands (HP, Xerox, Samsung, Canon, Kyocera, Brother, Oki, Panasonic) inside total volume of sales, to evaluate Russian leading suppliers in terms of volumes, to see the regional and sectorial buyers preferences, to detect “unchangeable” seller-buyer chains, to discover seasonal specifics of purchases, etc.

One of the tasks being solved by ET is the recent evaluation of the leading brands shares (HP, Xerox, Samsung, Canon, Kyocera, Brother, Oki, Panasonic) in the total volumes of supplying for the Russian state organizations. The analysis of the data for monochrome laser printing for January-June 2014 shows that the ratio of the eight leading brands remains practically unchanged if compared to the results of 2013 (see the picture below): HP – 49,7% ( in 2013/2012/2011 – 51.99/51.72/52.80%), Xerox – 20.33% ( in 2013/2012/2011 – 18.41/15.28/13.50%), Samsung – 9.96% ( in 2013/2012/2011 – 10.68/11.95/10.2%), Canon – 8.74% ( in 2013/2012/2011 – 7.14/7.75/8.10%), Kyocera – 4.92% ( in 2013/2012/2011 – 5.08/5.22/5.80%), Brother – 1.80% ( in 2013/2012/2011 – 2.24/3.01/3.10%), Oki – 2.41% ( in 2013/2012/2011 – 1.26/1.31/1.81%), Panasonic– 0.65% ( in 2013/2012/2011 – 1.52/1.58/1.34%). So, the six leading brands share more than 95.5% of supplied cartridges for monochrome printing (in pcs.). The comparing with 2011-2013 results showed the considerable growth in cartridge procurements for Xerox and Canon and reducing in cartridge procurements for Brother.

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Russian Market of Monochrome Laser Cartridges for January-June 2014

The Information Agency “Business-Inform” has completed the evaluation of the monochrome laser cartridges market in Russia for January-June 2014. Regarding the brands, leaders on the Russian market remained the same - HP (49.70% market share in units), Xerox (20.33%), Samsung (9.96%), Canon (8.74%), Kyocera (4.92%). Regarding the cartridges the top ten looks the following - HP Q2612 (10.13% market share in units), HP CE285 (7.75%), Xerox 106R01159 (5.97%), HP CE278 (4.96%), HP CB436 (4.72%), HP Q7553 (3.95%), HP CE505 (3.94%), Xerox 108R00909 (3.10%), HP Q5949 (2.94%), HP CF280 (2.86%).

The undisputed leadership of HP Q2612 cartridge on the Russian market starts to gradually wear off (2011 – 15.1%, 2012 – 13.4%, 2013 – 12.0%, 1Q2014 – 10.85%, January-June 2014 – 10.13%). At the same time more and more of the Russian market share is “captured” by HP CE285 (2011 – 1.85%, 2012 – 3.88%, 2013 – 5.28%, 1Q2014 – 7.42), HP CE278 (2012 – 2.03%, 2013 – 3.78%, 1Q2014 – 5.47%), HP CF280 (1H2013 – 2.05%, 2H2013 – 2.21%, 1Q2014 – 3.27%) cartridges.

The full rating of monochrome laser cartridges for January-June 2014 is presented on the Information Agency “Business-Inform” web-site in the research (marketing) section.

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Russian Market of Colour Laser Cartridges for January-June 2014

The Information Agency “Business-Inform” has completed the evaluation of the colour laser cartridges market in Russia for January-June 2014. Regarding the brands, leaders on the Russian market remained the same - HP (63.02% market share in units), Xerox (25.3%), Kyocera (3.78%), Samsung (2.58%), Epson (1.27%)..

Regarding the cartridges the top ten looks the following

  • HP CB540/541/542/543
  • HP Q6000/6001/6002/6003
  • HP CC530/531/532/533
  • HP C9730/9731/9732/9733
  • HP CE250/251/252/253
  • HP CE260/261/262/263
  • HP CE310/311/312/313
  • HP CE320/321/322/323
  • HP CE410/411/412/413
  • HP CB400/401/402/403
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