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BUSINESS-INFORM 2013 Virtual Exhibition Begins Its Work

On 11 of July 2013 BUSINESS-INFORM 2013 Virtual Exhibition began its work. The virtual expo is developed by the specialists of Information Agency «BUSINESS-INFORM» (Moscow) within the framework of BUSINESS-INFORM Informational Project (http://sforp.ru/BI2013eng/participate.htm). It is demonstrated on Agency’s website in Russian and English languages (http://sforp.ru/BI2013/ and http://sforp.ru/BI2013eng/). The aim of the virtual exhibition is to present the exhibitors of BUSINESS-INFORM 2013 International Exhibition, their products, solutions, ideas, news, and commercial offers.

BUSINESS-INFORM 2013 Virtual Exhibition implementation is based on the floor map of BUSINESS-INFORM 2013 Exhibition, which took place on May 21-23 2013 at the All-Russian Exhibition Center, pavilion #20 (Moscow). 75 companies from Russia, China, USA, Japan, Germany, Lithuania, Hong Kong took part in the exhibition.The products presented on the exhibition’s booths, modern technical, technological and software solutions,  office equipment and printing supplies industry leading companies’ specialists reports attracted the attention of more than 1300 visitors from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, France, Austria, Korea, Malaysia, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Estonia. The considerable interest of visitors towards the information presented on the exhibition is evident, as well as the necessity of timely presentation of exhibitors’ technical and technological novelties on the Russian market without waiting for the next exhibition in 2014. It is the tasks of urgent presentation of exhibitors’ new products on the Russian Internet that BUSINESS-INFORM 2013 international exhibition is meant to solve.

Now, by mouse-clicking on the picture of any booth presented on the floor map, the virtual exhibition visitor gets on the virtual booth of the exhibitor, which contains all necessary contact information and product description, as well as the whole volume of any additional information sent by an exhibitor to the Information Agency «BUSINESS-INFORM» for placement on a virtual booth (all the services concerning translation, processing and placement of the information presented by exhibitors of BUSINESS-INFORM 2013 are done by the Agency’s specialists for free).

BUSINESS-INFORM 2013 Virtual Exhibition will continue its work until April 2014.

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